How I can make money from Facebook?

by gnr991
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I tried for a month PPL ads on Facebook, but I was susponded from there..
I do not know what to do now .. I realized I shouldn't take id of users (custom audience) and probably that's why they susponded me
what do you suggest me to do next?
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    What verticals are you and how big are your pages?
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  • depends on what you are trying to promote as well. not everything can be promoted on facebook; social media users do not want to be sold.
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    Facebook Fan Page & build a list from it with targeted traffic from FB ads / FB Groups. Market Clickbank products to your list along with good content.

    Be patient & you will get sales consistently as your list grows.

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    The simple answer is yes. I have a Facebook page with over 60k likes. What I did is create a website and monetize it in many different ways. People dont go to FB to buy, they are there for looking at the latest posts ect... You need to get them off Facebook and to your site.

    Hope this helps PM me if you have any questions

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    They say the money comes from company when FB tells them they have over 1 billion user worldwide they say FB makes over a billion dollars a billion user seems like one dollar for every person that uses FB but no users pay a dime for the free service...I do not believe over a billion company are paying FB one dollar each so there must be perhaps a few hundred to a few thousand company that are paying this kind of money when you break it down each company might be paying a million dollars or more each year for an ad on FB which no one sees or even pay attention too. So the winners are the user for the free service and the loser are the company that pay thinking so many people will rush to get there stuff after paying FB all that invisible money to post an ad no one even cares about all people care about is what there doing with there time On FB the last thing people want to do is social on someone ad about anything DVR fast forward though the commercial and back to the show..

    Thanks for reading its all good bye.
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    if you have big pages , create a website .putads and affiliate links there and post your "post link" in fb page
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    Facebook is not as easy to make money as a few years ago, the reach for pages has really dropped down. The best way is driving traffic to off site links/ affiliate. Facebook is really moving to a paid model so if you are not paying for ads with the organic traffic the reach is not their anymore.
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    Some time's facebook waste your money. You need to make a plan to do what do you want to do!!!
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