Can I do without a facebook page?

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I want to just stick with Twitter and Pinterest. I did create a Facebook page but I really hate the way FB works. I didn't want it connected to people from my work, but somehow they are suggesting friends (co-workers and bosses) I don't know how the hell they find this crap out. Pisses me off. I did a whole new email address and I just don't see how they figured it out but if they are suggesting these people to me then I'm probably getting suggested to them. Need it private, so I think the safest thing is to leave out FB. Will my website really suffer without it? I really love Twitter and Pinterest more anyways.

The same things goes with YouTube and Google+ - I hate the way they make it all weird and connected. Can't I just have a freaking YouTube channel without slamming me with Google+ all over the place. So annoying...
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  • Yes, you can make do without Facebook. The important thing is that you have a strong network, you have great content, and you're getting great engagement. If people love your content they will share it on Facebook anyway.
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    You can of course leave facebook out of it but it's strongly recommended that you have a facebook fan page for your business. You don't have to invite your personal friends of colleague to like the page, you can setup a few adverts with a small budget to build some targeted likes and then take it from there.

    Facebook still has a lot of interaction if you do it right!
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    I'd advise you get a Facebook tutorial ebook to read in order to know more about how to manage it. You'd be missing a lot if you do without it.
    Get a Fan page and only invite the friends you want. If you don't invite your friends they won't know you have a fan page. I hope this helps.
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    Yes u can do but many people are aware on Facebook as compare to other social media sites, so Facebook is good for marketing.
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    Everyone jumps onto Facebook as if that's the only thing there is. But so many also love Tumblr just as well. Same goes for Pinterest or Google+. Pick a site that engages you attention and allows you to express your passion with others who share the same interests.
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    Yes you can considering that your current SNS accounts have strong connection. But the thing is, more people are getting into Facebook at around 200 M ++ and still counting. Well anyway, it depends on your target audience but for my own point of view, why not experiment? try to build your 'YOU' in Facebook.

    Hope this help.
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    You can do it but now a days many kind of people use facebook. Facebook is a one of most important part of marketing. You will do it but facebook is batter for marketing.
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    Facebook is the best network available. If you aren't using it you are leaving money on the table
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    personally i think facebook is great as they have the most user compared to other social media. But, it all depends on you, regarding on which one you're comfortable with and what kind of niche you're in. Pinterest work great if you are targeting woman..But the decision is yours....good luck mate.
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    No, you don't really need Facebook for your business. Focus on Twitter and Pinterest instead, and for people who don't use these services, you can give them an option to subscribe via email.
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    You can do without it but personally I would set one up over the others because when combining with your page with Facebook ads it is second to none!
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