How do you get more views to your pinterest pins?

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I used some keywords within my description, and submitted my pin weeks ago. But when I typed the same keywords into the search bar, my pin didn't show up.
So why did this happen?
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    Pinterest is a very active site. I think I read somewhere there are 5 million pins per day and that was a while ago. It might be even more now. There's no guarantee your pins are going to show up in the searches. The key to success with Pinterest is to post pins that resonate with their largely female audience and are likely to be repinned. That's where you'll find the most traffic from Pinterest articles.

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    • The picture must be compelling! That is the key.

      Notice what is popular or what you feel compelled to click on. Then study the image used by that pin.

      You see a pin with a picture that makes you say "Wow!" or a picture that makes you say "wait, what the..." and then you of course click it.

      Look at those pictures carefully and think about how you can make pictures that invoke those feelings in the people who will be interested in your product/affiliate-link/ad or whatever.

      That is how to get a ton of views and subsequently traffic to your pages. It may float around for a week or so but all of a sudden the repins will explode!
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    Maybe your keywords is too generic, or the image you pinned is not that enticing enough to catch people's attention? But, have you tried engaging on pinterest? Following pinners, boards, commenting on pins, repin etc.? If not, then I suggest you start now. You have nothing to lose but you are more likely to get followers and attention from other pinners and they might check out your boards too.

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    Chances are, your keywords just got sniped by another competitor who is using them now. There are others who monitor the site, looking for new keywords being used and put up duplicate pin boards based on that. So the competition could be why your boards are not showing up now.
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      Chances are, your keywords just got sniped by another competitor who is using them now. There are others who monitor the site, looking for new keywords being used and put up duplicate pin boards based on that. So the competition could be why your boards are not showing up now.
      I am guilty of this but not with a site that has no traction to begin with.

      If your pin board is ranking well in Google. That is to say, ranking in the top 5 for a popular search term. Then myself or one of the many people like me will do our best to emulate your pin board and make it better so that we may secure that cherished search engine ranking. Then we pepper our affiliate and MFA pages throughout the pin board and profit.

      Lately, I have even seen people sell these types of pin boards on Twitter. I found them by accident because they don't come right out and say

      "Pin board that is ranked number two on Google for search term 'sewing patterns' for sale. Make me an offer."

      Instead, the offers are made using euphemisms and slang to conceal them from a simple search. I found them by doing a little competitive investigating of someone who seems to be doing well at the whole Pinterest/Google ranking thing and when I discovered their Twitter handle, all was revealed.

      I strongly advise against purchasing something like that. It is a slippery slope on a steep slippery hill over the edge of a slippery cliff.
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    Categorize your pictures well.
    Create your boards with keywords in mind.
    Caption your Pinterest pins adequately.
    Search for your colleagues and influencers, and follow their pinboards first.
    Create a regular pin schedule.
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    Pineterest seems like a great way to get some quality traffic & I read somewhere that it is one of the top 3 sites online & that people on there seem to spend more than any other way of advertising. I would say try and use really unique photos that will stick out of the crowd & hope that people share them. Would also help to start following as many people as possible to get the pins out there 1st.


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    Pinterest is very useful site also very active. You also need a activity for your account. if you active..... Then you should got pin also follower.
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    Get yourself into some groupboards and post there. You'll get a lot more exposure.

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    It turns out that 80% of content on Pinterest are repins, meaning that only 20% is left for original content. Posting original content, like infographics or picture quotes, is a great way to spread your board, you still have to do a balancing act with content.
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