Facebook Post "Promote" Button: Not impressed!

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First off ; fantastic website. I've already learned a ton from just being a fly on the wall reading through threads and I do plan on getting involved in the Warriors Room soon!!!

QUESTION: I've used the promotion button on Facebook on a few of my posts in order to promote a music video I've published on YouTube. It costs $6.99 to do it and it supposedly raises the post in people's news feed so it stays relevant for a longer amount of time. My question is, has anybody else used the "promotion" button for Facebook posts? and if so, any advice would be great.

Thank you and I look forward to getting involved more and more in the WarriorForum community!
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    I had that same problem. I would wait till you have a viral page with a couple thousand followers. Then you can post somethign "niche related". Because I am assuming all your friends are not interested in the same kind of music

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    The Boost Post button can be used to show your ad to a targeted demographic. If you target your boost correctly, it can gain you a lot of likes and website clicks. The key is to have engaging content and/or an image that will resonate with your target audience.

    "A bargain is something you don’t need at a price you can’t resist."
    -Franklin Jones

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    to be honest, I stopped using the Boost or Promote button a while ago.
    I spend that money on Facebook Ads (still boosting the same post, but can really really target my audience and get WAY better bang for the buck =)

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