How Can I increase the views on youtube?

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Hello Warriors,
I want to know how can I increase more views on my youtube video.Please help me out. If you have any suggestion then share with me.

Thanks Warriors!
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    • Originally Posted by guptadeepak2353 View Post


      Share links in Facebook, YouTube, and Bubblews. And you can also buy YouTube views from freelancers like here [spam link deleted by moderator]

      I don't think so buying you tube views is a good solution.
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    For increasing Youtube viewers the most important thing is increase the tag as much as you can this makes a lot of viewers

    Organize Toll-Free Conference Call with Onconference

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    Get it ranked, thats the only way you can increase views. You can share on social sites all you want but that isn't going to rank it or even bring any traffic unless you have a huge following.

    Or buy fake views but they won't do you any good.
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    After posting the video in You tube, post the video link in facebook and other social media sites which helps other users to visit . These gives good impression to the website.
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    Start Sharing on social medias and Do some Off page optimization. Hope it will work

    Best Web Hosting Provider in India | Best Shared Web Hosting in India | Best VPS Hosting in India-

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    If you think the youtube worth to get viral start an adwords campaign. You can promote it there. This way you can boost it fast. Social media is the next way..Facebook, Twitter, Google+
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      Originally Posted by Dsdomination View Post

      If you think the youtube worth to get viral start an adwords campaign. You can promote it there. This way you can boost it fast. Social media is the next way..Facebook, Twitter, Google+
      I agree! Instead of buying views, just run an AdWords campaign - it will cost you more or less the same but the views will be real and this technique is 100% legal.
      Of course Social Media is powerful too, but there's no need to explain this again
      Good luck!
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        Originally Posted by artflair View Post

        I agree! Instead of buying views, just run an AdWords campaign - it will cost you more or less the same but the views will be real and this technique is 100% legal.
        Of course Social Media is powerful too, but there's no need to explain this again
        Good luck!
        I agree, don't buy views unless you are trying to impress other viewers with the # underneath the video. If you want real people watching, be sure to SEO your video. Keywords in the title, description, and tags.

        Some people have suggested that throwing some backlinks to the video is worthwhile, I don't know if this actually works, I am having this done right now though, and if I remember to check back on this thread, I will update the progress.

        I am trying to rank a video at the moment based on a trend, so there are quite a few other marketers trying to rank their videos on this same trend at the same time, so I have some competition. It will be interesting to find out if the backlinks carry any weight.
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    Originally Posted by Strategicmarketing21 View Post

    Hello Warriors,
    I want to know how can I increase more views on my youtube video.Please help me out. If you have any suggestion then share with me.

    Thanks Warriors!
    Hi. I am going to make the following assumptions that you have Not done these following tips:

    Number 1- do keyword research to align what is said in the video with what most people are searching for( can be done via a free/paid keyword search tool, and/or typing in youtube's search field for 2 to 3 word phrases that are closely related to what you are educating/solving for your intended audience.

    Just like with google instant, typing in 1 or 2 words should most likely pop up what many are searching for in a particular order. Then put in those keywords into your title, description, and tags on each video within your youtube channel. Also in the "about" section, writing a few sentences up to about 1.5 to two paragraphs giving a summary of what you are communicating in the video may prove beneficial as some look there first before investing their time watching.

    According to google/youtube: Google Trends enables you to take popular search queries and explore traffic patterns over time and geography. Now we've added YouTube search data going back to 2008, making it another great tool to look at video trends.

    Perhaps trends can help further clarify the strategy.

    Number 2-People may not be watching because there are not enough people searching for that information, and/or there is a lot of people posting videos on the same topic (your competition). Even if you can drive traffic, there may not be enough interest equaling low viewership according to what you desire.

    Number 3- You can try asking for people to look at youtube video link through reddit in the subject area matching your topic, and see what their thoughts are. It can drive people to your site if it a popular topic according to search volume. Also you can get feedback on what's working, and what is not. If you are not familiar with reddit, you can google or watch brief video on youtube.

    Number 4-The still of your video that is shown before people click to watch maybe a factor in low viewership. I would test.

    Number 5-I would check the competition, and see how they are targeting your keywords. How their video layout looks, the time frame, what they don't use, and what they do use etc.

    There are a myriad of things you can do besides these, and hopefully something above will help if you have not tried those before.

    I took the one less traveled by,
    And that has made all the difference

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    If you haven't enabled monetization ( having adsense) for these videos then you can use sites like youtube view exchange as already mentioned in above post. One more View others video and get points for that and use that points for your youtube hits. Having both free and paid options.

    If you have Adsense on these videos then it better to use social networking, because using the above tricks on adsense enabled youtube videos can get in result of ban of your adsense account.

    My blog - Tecktide

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    Post video on other video sites and promote it through social media groups.
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    For improved views on your YouTube video. You need to upload and share your video on high PR sites and you can also manually increase your YouTube video views. Beside with "Enhance Viewer" tool you can boost views on your YouTube video. It is a good tool for enhancing views on your video.
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    Share it on Facebook and Twitter, Or share it on your own website and blog to attract others' attention. There is a guide about how to share you tube video on website and blog
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    If your video is original and you believe it can go viral, buying traffic within google is safe ... i.e. buying adwords for videos, check this...

    Until you get good number of views using adwords, then you can stop paying for views and you get natural views from youtube search and suggested video in side to popular videos..
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    Simply if you have the budget to target the demographics you want to reach out your youtube video to get the desired demographics traffic then advertise in youtube.

    But if you simply want quantity, seeing the youtube views increase without giving importance to where it came from then go buy youtube views.

    But if you want it free and natural then you need to optimize the youtube details such as title, descriptions, tags (target the best keywords search applicable for the video), thumb image, etc. then use your social media connections to help your video get that desired views, this will consume time but along with it might as well focus on building subscribers on your youtube channel, you might not reach the target views on your 1st video but probably on the next videos you will create this might have different results
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    I always use social networking websites.. Always get the best results from those!
    Using Free Views, Comment and Like boosters is useless! Your video will get deleted and you will get a warning send to your email.
    Tim Roosendaal - Online Affiliate Entrepreneur

    [MUST WANTED] Six Figure Income Online eBook!
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      DO NOT buy youtube views. After looking through this thread I see a lot of people suggesting to buy youtube views on fiverr and other sites.

      This is a very bad idea. Google and/or youtube has been cracking down on people trying to push up there content through fake means.

      If your videos go from lets say 200 views to 3200 views in two days it will set off a red flag. Even if you want to push your view count up, unless you do it so it looks natural your content is going to be deranked.

      To get the best results you want to be found by the search engines and rank not just for youtube but in google and other search engines. You achieve this by having a good description. Since youtube and search engine bots can't watch your video to know what keywords it should rank for it relies on your description. You want a keyword rich description that is 100-300 words along with your keyword being 1-3% keyword density. Also you want a list of tags or keywords at the end of your description.

      Once you have done all that you want to backlink your video. Backlinking the video you want to rank will do almost as much as video count. However this also needs to look natural. If you just go to fiverr and get 1000 backlinks in a day you will get deranked for that also.

      If you follow everything I have said above and do some social media linking, your videos will start to get traffic and get natural views which is what you want. Also keep in mind that this is a time consuming process. It can take anywhere from a week to six weeks to start getting daily views on your video depending on the niche and type of video.
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    DO NOT buy views anymore. YT is picking up on that since a few weeks!
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    Try looking for relevant tags on other social media like Twitter and sharing it with those.
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    To increase more views on your Youtube video is to promote it on Facebook, twitter, g+ and you can also bookmark it on different bookmarking sites. Promoting your Youtube videos on social media sites can help you increase viewers.
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    Buying youtube views in fiverr is waste now, mostly bots and no use. but, there is no problem buying views from youtube itself by promote video option, as google encourages it.
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    As many said already, rank your videos, use tags and build followers... The natural way and the traffic will come over time.
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    • Originally Posted by RakkSoldier View Post

      The best way to get better ranking in my opinion is make more videos. The more videos you make the better for rankings.

      Video Marketing is making HUGE income for LOTS of marketers and youtube is CONSTANTLY deleting accounts for us marketers.
      [spam link deleted by moderator]
      For getting ranking, need more videos. I am getting what exactly you are trying to say.
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    Social bookmarking is a great way to get some extra views to your youtube video.
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    Buy views.Botted views will rank your video therefore you will get more real views
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    Yahoo! Answers is very effective if you have Level 2 account or higher. Aim to provide value in your answer so that you're chosen as "best answer." That way, your link will get a lot of exposure.

    Beware: if you just blast your URL everywhere, you will get banned.

    On the whole, you get what you pay for.

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    Host Google+ Hangouts and then archive your video on Youtube from the event. This will draw people to your Youtube channel to watch the video and while they are there, you will get views on other videos too.
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    Or build backlinks to rank in google
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    Start Sharing on social medias and Do some Off page optimization. Hope it will work.


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    Originally Posted by Strategicmarketing21 View Post

    Hello Warriors,
    I want to know how can I increase more views on my youtube video.Please help me out. If you have any suggestion then share with me.

    Thanks Warriors!
    Hello there,

    To gain more views on YouTube you can optimize it by posting links on Social Media sites. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the best sites. You can also buy views, of course we all know that you can't get prospect there, but MORE VIEWERS can attract MORE and MORE viewers too. Do you believe that YouTube videos with lots of viewers are mostly viewed? And one thing more, buying Youtube views can also boost your video traffic. I hope this helps you!
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    1.Make a collection of keywords related to your video
    2.Then add all keywords in tags and write a good description about your video
    3.Share at all social media sites
    4.Bookmark your videos
    5.Make a blog related to your video and add your video in that blog
    6.Share that blog on social sites
    7. If you want to invest some money use Google adword, but don't try fiverr and any other paid services.
    Thank you
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    Once uploading the video in you tube,take the uploaded link and do the marketing for that, or else post in social media sites such as facebook, twitter and also ask your friends to like as well as put the status message as that link.
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  • Thank you to all my Warrior friends to give me suggestion.I appreciate your views.

    But I know social media is quite good for increasing views and promotion purpose.Apart from that is there new way to get more good and positive results on the same topic as we are discussed above.
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    To boost Views for your Video :-

    Try to make the Title some Long with your Main keywords. Description should be added with proper. If you use keyword or brand name in title try to use in Description. Try to use some naked URL in description. Keywords and transcript so also used proper.
    You should use Some Annotation in video which will bosst traffic from other video.
    There are many tips !! You can search through Google. Blankly dont upload the video. Try to maintain the video below 1-3 minutes. Which attract to viewers to watch.
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    Hi , Another good method is to go to the top 5 Videos on YouTube in your chosen niche and get all their keywords and copy n' paste them into your own keyword section ! This is very useful info
    Good Luck
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    • [QUOTE=vibhusingh;9418672]

      I appreciate your answer.
      Thanks a lot !!!
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    If you already have a decent amount of views on some of your videos, then link to other videos on your channel via the popular videos, whether as an on screen caption or in the video description. Also, specifically reference your other videos by name and ask your viewer to search for those videos to watch. That could net more video views for less popular videos.

    Would you like to learn how I make $2000/month from a super easy listbuilding system?

    Click here to get my listbuilding report for FREE!

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    Use your description box to the max, you can add a lot of info in there, also put your link in the beginning and again at the end of your description
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    There are some tricks to increase views organically such as: post the unique and attractive contents that user wants to see, create networks in your video through comments etc, embed your video in to blogs and websites.
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  • Hi vibhusingh , Thanks for sharing !!!

    One more thing. I reviewed all the websites that you share,.
    And want to know that all websites are free or paid.
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    Do some social sharing of your video or You can use tools to increase the Views of your video

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    • Originally Posted by scnsz View Post

      buy expired domains

      I am not getting what you are trying to say, I mean how can expired domain helps me in increasing traffic.
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    There is a chance one of your videos could go viral if posted on Facebook. Get out onto Facebook groups and socialize with others on Facebook to get a good friend following. Make sure your 'friends' and group members have similar interests as what you are talking about on your videos. This will increase the chances that someone on your friend list or group will share it to their own timeline with friends.
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    Use social media exchange.
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    the best solution is start social media networking like facebook, stumbleupon, tumblr or fiverr...
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    You should do Youtube SEO
    It is slightly different.. Write your targeted keywords in discription, write very long description. Generally search engines dont have ideas about your video they rely on the description. Many people say backlinks dont work for youtube seo but it works for sure. I have huge experience in ranking youtube videos on google.
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    For increasing vedio viewers on youtube promote your videos on social media sites like facebook, twitter, pintrest or on google+ it will helps you a lot.....:-)
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    Make your video keywords/tag as per the video because people can find the video easily.Most of the Youtube visitor search their video on youtube by a keywords.
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    To Get More Views on Your YouTube Videos. Name your video file accurately, Give your video an appealing title, Describe your video thoroughly, Use the best tags, Share your video with as many people as you can as soon as you post it, Email your video to your friends, family, and coworkers, Share your video through social media, Use a blog or a website to promote your videos.
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    I think this thread will answer your question in a lot of detail:

    Having Email Deliverability issues?
    Head off to Winning Email for a free checkup!

    Looking for a freemium Social Media Manager?
    You may wanna check out DoSocial

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    I always use social networking websites.. Always get the best results from those!
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    I get my video ranked with the keywords that i want and create as many backlinks to it as possible
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      Originally Posted by Mr. Murf View Post

      I get my video ranked with the keywords that i want and create as many backlinks to it as possible
      How do you rank youtube video, please explain?
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    I'm seeing alot of the same answers in this post. Social media is always the best way & linking it to your website or blog & having the video in your website or blog is a great way to get high ranking backlinks. This is a good question though & have been wondering this myself. I might try the PPC trick as I hadn't thought of that before but I think to start getting ALOT of views on YouTube you need to start posting ALOT of videos in order to build up your subscribers


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    The are some of the simple and tricky ways to improve your YOU TUBE views

    1. Use appropriate descriptions.
    2. Give your video on appealing title.
    3. Use the best TAGS.
    4. Share the your video wisely on Social Medias as many people as you can as soon as you post it.
    5. Email your video to your friends, family and co-workers.
    6. Use a blog or website to promote your videos.
    7. Ask the viewers to share or like the videos.
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    Social Media + Blog site to feed your channel + Quality content + Post it on other sites
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    Also I think that the end goal must be to attract viewers with buying power, that will convert in longterm customers for you
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    If you want to increase the Youtube views understand the keywords which defines your video. Make a list of those keyword. Use those keyword in the description of your video and try to promote these video over social media with appropriate hash tag. This is the possible ways to grab more views on youtube
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    I give you some best tips to boost the views on youtube -
    1. Add The Subscribe Annotation
    2. Bookmark your videos
    3. Your Titles Are Worth Their Weight in Gold
    4. Add Your Subscribe Watermark
    5. Using Your Blog to Boost YouTube Views

    One and only one Best Web Hosting Companies discount coupon code available

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    Title and tags of video performs important role in video. So use better title and also tag.
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    do videos on topics that people are really searching for.
    2nd, optimize your video for search, you must know basics of search engine optimization to market to get your video in search. this is wonderful. there are lots of article available on video optimization. anyway, good stuff actually go viral automatically.
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    You can also post your videos on Reddit, but make sure you do it respectively, & in the appropriate page ... i.e. Don't post a gaming video in a cooking page.
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    Use Vid IQ inside google chrome Great software to rank videos and it is free Just youtube it and see. Robert
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    Most of the views you can get by optimizing your videos. Target your right keywords in video OnPage
    optimization sellect keywords with high search volume and Do some Off page optimization of videos and get backlink
    from high pr sites.
    You can also get many views from social media sites. So you should post the video link on your social media. Like facebook,Twitter,google+ etc.
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    follow jon penberthy on facebook this guy is the master about youtube ranking and even ranking you youtube video on google and you get free views FOREVER. It's Called Video Seo
    but the sumary is you can do live streaming on google hangout go to keyword tool on google search for long term keyword (passionate keyword) 6-7 word within 100-1000 search per month go on google search for it see if there's any youtube video that are ranked if not still go on youtube and search for it watch if some newbie has a video on a top first page (newbie means lots of views on his video but not so much subscriber) because if its just big celebreties who has millions hundres of thousands of subscriber its really tought to outranked them. put #tags at the end of your description the first sentence of your video should have the keywords and the second sentence your website Offer Something FREE because it catch the eyes i dont something you learn about your niche before uploading your video to youtube assure you that your keyword are the name of your file. put english subtiles then check if theres any error then put 1-3 times ramdomly yours keywords, ho put an annotation with an hyperlink at the debut of your video and near the end when doing the video says something like this hi guys your name im pretty your here because your keyword its perfect im here to help i know what your feeling now i used to be there blablabla put some tags all your keyword in one tage then each and every words of it separeted in one tag each. ho create some backlink go to fiver and search for good rated vendors who has a lots of very good custumers review dont do it with someone who has less than 90% of 5 stars rates. Search for social bookmark its start at five dollar the guys is gonna share your video link to thousands of social media its gonna build authority to your video very fast and keep you video up for days months even years when giving your youtube video link to the vendor make sure its the one in your browser that's all i remember this is part of his course.

    I Work With A Big Influencer Vick Strizheus Follow Me On Facebook For FREE Tips pm me

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    If you want to get more & more viewers on your youtube videos, Then you you have to customize your youtube videos. Example, Your Title , Description & mostly the Tags.. For this customization you must have a excellent knowledge on Keyword research. Because, only Keyword can give you ultimate viewers on your videos.... people will watch the first to fifth ranking video on youtube 90% time. So I think that you can increase your viewers on youtube by keyword research & customize your videos with out paid campaigns. Thank You.

    I will launch Your business on Social Media Marketing and Linking for $5

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    Give your video an interesting title, add only relevant and useful information in your video, video quality must be great, easy to understand, add relevant hashtags and keywords.

    Get the targeted business information in seconds twitter scraper | LinkedIn data extractor | facebook data extractor

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    First of all you should describe your video with unique title, description, tags etc. Then share them on different social media network to get genuine reviews...
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  • My suggestion is to boost the Sharing on social medias...
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    1. You should create a quality content that can attract or target viewer's interest.
    2. Make your description brief and the title catching.
    3. Put a little overview of your video in the thumbnail, a customized one.
    4. Use relevant tags and share your video to other social media sites.
    Also, you can use a service like BuyRealMarketing (I highly recommend this) to help you boost your channel.
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    I would send social signals by posting to Tumblr, Reddit, Pinterest, facebook and twitter, etc... you can do this with a free service ifttt (If This then that) When you post a video it will automatically post it wherever you tell it to. It also helps if you use keywords in your title, tag and description. In addition your description should have your title, your link (if it is an affiliate link cloak it), and a 200-500 word article rich with the key word or phrase you are targeting. A good thumbnail will help bring people in. You can do a professional intro to stand out. Make sure your channel looks good, with channel art and your picture. If you have good quality views, you should start to gain some traction
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    Have a good content and SEO to the top search
    Henry Review - Trusted Review From Expert - Always Review Quality Product - Not Only A Review
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    Here are several methods without spending extra cash on advertising that is electronic, to improve the opinions of your your company video on YouTube:

    Function it on your facebook page
    Choose a thumbnail that is good
    Make your title intriguing and short
    Pick labels which will be beneficial to SEO etc...
    Anthony Morrison the self-taught internet marketing guru.
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