Is Social Media Automation Still Working?

by kubas
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Hello guys!

Back in 2010 I've created a custom automation tool for marketing on Facebook, which worked amazingly well for promoting my social games automation software.

Basically from day one I was able to generate from 200 to 800 views to my website which converted to sales at 1,4% rate. It was mainly just posting comments on "add me" posts and making posts on several FB pages. I am aware it was more of a spam approach rather than long-term marketing, but it helped me a lot to kickstart my business and pay the bills.

Later as FB got much more secure I've created a product for auto accepting social games gifts. It was a free product, but the catch was that for any person to use it, they had to share the link to my site on their FB wall. This little application soon started generating around 7000 views per day to my site and sales have skyrocketed.

As all good things eventually come to an end, so did my methods. With the changes to FB platform they've lost their effectiveness. I've moved away from games automation and started to develop different kind of software, but generating traffic is still a requirement for individual software developer like myself.

Several ideas have crossed my mind recently on social media automation. My expertise is software development and I can create software to automate nearly anything.

I know there are numerous so-called Twitter, Instagram or Youtube bots that create accounts, follow, unfollow, subscribe to channels. Do you have any experience with using such automation tools and how effective they are?
Can follow/unfollow tools really drive any traffic to your website? If it can do even 50 views per day it should be easy to scale up the results.

I'm also looking for 50/50 partnerships with skilled marketers who are in need of any automation software for social media and who are willing to share their thoughts with me.

I can't send PMs at the moment, so if you're interested, please contact me on Skype: kevin.kev13
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    To answer your question: yes they can drive traffic
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    FB, Pinterest is working for me. Traffic from Twitter automation has significantly gone down.
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      For FB do you use friend adding and later photo tagging or some other method like automating the management and creation of fan pages?

      Also could you briefly explain how Pinterest automation works?
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