How To Properly Use Memes In Social Media Marketing

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Hey Warriors!

Wanted to do a quick post to show you guys how you can properly use memes when you do your social media marketing.

First off, if you don't use memes, I suggest that you use some on your social media profiles, because they are highly effective! Memes work, because they have the potential to go viral VERY QUICKLY!

To make sure you use the right memes when you do your marketing, here are the 2 requirements that your meme must meet to get the best results:

1. Poke at pain or problem

2. Funny

If you take a look at the meme I have above, you'll see that it pokes at the problem and pain of people not having money, and wanting money. On the other hand, it's hilarious!

When you use memes that meet the 2 requirements above, you will have no problem engaging and entertaining your audience, or even getting high click throughs to your website.

Lastly, a great place to post memes is Reddit. I have seen some memes get THOUSANDS of views within a few hours because they poked at people's pain spots, and were funny!

If you are looking for ways to boost your social media marketing, I sure hope that this helps you out!

Josh Mayers
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    The other memes that work great are memes that tug at the heartstrings. "LIKE this post if love your [INSERT ANYTHING HERE]." Of course, it's got to be targeted to the group of people that frequent your page, but some of my best performers have been simple ones like that.

    "A bargain is something you don’t need at a price you can’t resist."
    -Franklin Jones

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    • Good stuff here. Images increase Social Media engagement by 39%, so I'm sure it's probably even more if the image you choose is a meme.

      The other part of this, is that they're really not that difficult to make. If you have a smartphone, it's likely that your chosen app store has a free meme generator. Of course, there's dozens of sources online with just a simple Google search.

      If you use a simple image editor like, you can create your own with simple images and the right phrase...such as the quotes that are so popular. You can slap your own URL on these and send them traveling around the web.

      If you're the entrepreneurial type (I guess most of us are ), then you might consider making a website that center around memes like the popular ecard sites, and slap some ads on it. A ton of ideas all around.
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    Memes are good to use to stir things up on your facebook and instagram accounts. People like to send memes via whatsapps as well.
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