Use Facebook for Marketing online are effective?

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How do you think about use Facebook for Marketing online? It' s really effective? or i use its incorrect way?
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    First of all the aim consumer in this area will be small. You might speculate with millions of people having admission to face book why the aim customers will be small. The major reason for that is the requirement that you will create as you present for online marketing. Previous to you post your ad on Face book it is significant that you recognize what you want to attain from the advertisement and what your goals are.
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    Use messaging features and Facebook ads to improve the effectiveness.
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      same question here I have a show online radio and I would like to have more listeners and ofcourse to make something out of it, so how can I market it by facebook..any suggestions?
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        Facebook marketing can be very effective if you know what you are doing. There are plenty of WSO's and other resources to help you understand how to use Facebook marketing effectively.
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    Yes,Facebook marketing is effective because many people use facebook ,Social media sites are best for marketing.
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    You can market on Facebook either with ads, directly targeting demographics like yordanov said, or you can market indirectly like many of the businesses that use fanpages, groups, and profiles to market their business. Depends on what you want. Sounds like you should dig in and research.
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    Has anyone developed a profitable business starting w/ less than $1000 & nothing more?
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    Facebook is super effective. Really it just depends on how much you are looking to leverage the power of FREE and Facebook. Those are Fan Pages and all of the FREE tools that Facebook Provides that make it super effective.

    Don't worry about tackling paid traffic just yet especially if you are new to it. I suggest posting on a regular basis i.e. every 3 hours or every hour if you so desire. Mix up your posts with Questions, Images, Videos, Interactive Images, Memes, etc. Whatever your niche is target that niche and its sub niches with your topics that you will start your fan pages around.

    Leverage the power of FREE and use it to be Sociable. Just remember it is a Social Network so be sociable on other pages as well. So if there are other Fan Pages that are similar to your Fan Page then make sure you reach out and Like and comment on those pages as well.

    If you have great images and good calls to action then maybe look at promoted posts. If you have a budget then target your audience effectively. Remember less is sometimes more . Also, if you do have a budget start small and scale up if you are seeing the success you are looking for.

    Good Luck Facebook Marketing is one of the best ways to generate an income online.

    Best FREE DEMOGRAPHICS Resource on the Internet ~> HERE

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    Facebook ads, it works!
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    Yes really Facebook plays an important role in online marketing because the number of users using the facebook has been large in number now-a-days so if a product have been advertised in a facebook means it is reaching all the people present all over the world. So, facebook is one of the most powerful social media available to market a product in online.
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    You can use facebook for online marketing !!! This is very effective for online marketing...
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    In my opinion, other then solo traffic, Facebook ads are one of the best ways you can get traffic to whatever it is you are promoting easily.

    And it's not any old traffic, it's very targeted traffic depending on how you have your campaign setup which makes your ROI much more profitable.
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