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I'm pretty excited about this. I have promoted a couple other pages in the past with little success. I started with a $5 a day budget ,and am at 16 cent per like right now. The cost per like has been dropping since the first day.
I'm not exactly sure what the best way will be to monetize the page when I get enough likes. I have to be careful not to violate copy right laws. Any suggestions? I have an amazon affiliate account, but I don't think it would pay that much at 6-7%
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    Firstival Congratulation for the 1K.
    You can start with AMAZON after that try to use Teespring it can be useful depending to your niche
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  • out of interest what advertising method are you using to get your likes?
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    I've got ~ 250 likes for $5 spent in Fb ads, but the campaign is useless. I targeted people by interests from cheap countries (India, Pakistan, etc), but none is engageing with the shared content. The big problem is that there are used fake profiles, most of them are bot accounts (also, for USA, UK, Canada or other "premium" countries you have the same problem: the new fans are not engageing with shared content). A very relevant explanation can be found here:
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    Why not get $5 from fiver fro the first 1k likes and stop the Facebook ads? Its practically the same thing if the likes you've been getting are from cheao countries and just work your way to the top by providing good/exciting/funny/helpful content?

    Anyways just my 2 cents. Im using FB ads to boost my likes only in facebook accounts located in US/UK/AU. other than that is like fiver
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    The fake FB accoutns used on Fiverr and other similar micro job websites are very poor, most of these accounts have no social activity. I supose that fake accounts used on Fb ads are/was used on websites like YouLikeHits (where each account needs to have a minimum activity).
    Do you want to Resell Social Media Services (Twitter followers, Facebook Likes, etc)?
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    Why not trying using social media exchange? thousands of likes are waiting
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    Likes are important things for your facebook page for your branding. But these likes should be real, not automated which goes down within 24 hours. If likes comes from differrent IP location then they are genric and real
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    First off if you read the FB term of use policy it says that any image on facebook can be used on anybody on FB so no copy right problems.

    When you find out you have shit countries that don't convert and engage take a look at my signature.

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    Use New Remove Likes Tool See How....

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    Great video. I am really impressed with his analysis. The ideas make sense. It begs the question how do you properly advertise your page?
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      Sorry for the delay in responding. I tried post boost, and like campaigns, high_plains_drifter. Like campaigns worked better for page likes. I stopped running paid campaigns after i hit 1,500 likes a couple weeks ago. I'm at 4,500 now, all of which coming from link shares with other page owners. I have made $8.50 in amazon affiliate sales. Nothing to brag about as of yet. I'm posting 10-20 times a day. Mostly pics. On average i'm getting around 30 likes per post, and one share every 2-3 post. I don't plan on spending any more money until i have something to sell/promote that has a good payoff.
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