Facebook Ads Problems-Not Delivering/Getting Enough Engagement?

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I've noticed facebook ads is acting strange recently in the past few days. I've been promoting posts on "Page Post Engagements" with my products and I've noticed I'm getting very little to no activity in my ads. For example I'm running 2 campaigns different products. My first campaign has 2 ads, around a million audience, daily ad spend at $10 each ad. I ran the campaign at 7am this morning and there's zero activity, zero ad spend. All ads are active and are congruent to my audience I'm trying to reach.

My second campaign also has 2 ads different product. All are active, very targeted with a $7 daily ad spend in both ads. I had very little activity earlier this morning and then all the sudden the ads stopped. I haven't experienced this issue before. Is anyone else having this problem? Is Facebook just going through changes and revisions this weekend? Feedback would be very much appreciated. Thanks
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