How Do I Get More Subscribers on YouTube?

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How do I go about getting more subscribers on YouTube?
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      Originally Posted by maeljackson View Post

      upload your video, put the tags once a week.
      Use Google keyword planner to find High Avg. Monthly Searches + Low competition keywords to use it as tags under your video. Keywords related to your video. And... just type in Google your best keywords, Google will come up with more useful suggestions for other keywords combinations.
      Try this if other courses failed,
      Like, "How to sell affiliate products"
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    Promote it among your circles first, then maybe they'll spread it around. Do it also on social media. Tags will also help you out.
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    OK, put inside your video a call to action, such as:

    ☛ Please LIKE my video and subscribe - thank you.
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      yes i totally agree that you first promote it within your circle. second, tags will make your video popular so make sure the tags are really appropriate.
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    Be a regular commenter on other people's videos if they are similar to your own. You don't have to spam your links on comments, but maybe occasionally refer to the videos you have done. So long as you are speaking in context, then it shouldn't come across as spam. This should result in more targeted traffic and also subscribers who want to keep up with what you are doing next.
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    Try to subscribe others in your niche and then they may subscribe back. This way is an old technique but it is very useful for every social media. (Note: Don;t follow or subscribe too many people in a time, you account may be blocked especially for Facebook)

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    You can sue social exchange sites like or you can simply buy them
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    Produce quality content. Then they will come.

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      It used to be like that, but not any longer. You need more than great content.
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    Make sure your video goes viral. Encourage other to share. That works well for me!
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    You need to promote everywhere you can in places that are related even in YouTube itself, social networks, friends and family, etc.
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    I would comment on other people's videos. Also, don't forget to do a video review of a video you watched. Your Tags can be very helpful. But asking people to Like, Share and Comment via an Annotation can be very helpful as well.

    Joining communities where they watch and Like your video in Google + is another oustanding way to get more views, LIkes and Shares.

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