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Social Media is a great way to promote and construct our digital reputation. All type of businesses have realized the power of social media and they are accepted that social media marketing has to be part of their marketing because it is modern technology that allowing you to communicate with your client or customer.

So Whats you think which social media site is more useful for your business and why???
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    Twtitter --> Botnets that drive tons of traffic

    Pinterest --> everything that interest women, making affiliate sales (amazon etc.)

    Facebook --> useless unless you know how to invest in facebook ads correctly
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      Originally Posted by michaelkoehler92 View Post

      Twtitter --> Botnets that drive tons of traffic

      Pinterest --> everything that interest women, making affiliate sales (amazon etc.)

      Facebook --> useless unless you know how to invest in facebook ads correctly

      Facebook useless ?

      I did invest in facebook ads yes at the start of my fanpage ( like 1.5 years ago ) now i been cashing in 8 months in a row . Had months of $10.000 and also months of $2500 with the reach going down ..
      Now last month i had $8000

      Useless .. i doubt it .

      Pinterest ... you need a great deal of followers

      Twitter same and i don't really like it but thats just me . I think if you know what you are doing you can make everything work .

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        There are really 2 ways to look at social networks - in terms of their PPC advertising and in terms of free marketing by building followers.

        Personally, the strength of all social media platforms I find is in the later - marketing to existing customers, spreading word of mouth about my products, and promotion of products and sales. I have tried Facebooks PPC program and got a few extra likes from it, but really didn't see a boost in sales.

        In this context, I find Facebook still gets the most engagement from others - if you post interesting items every day or at least every other day. Create things that people will want to share and you will naturally build your followers and sales thru word of mouth advertising.

        Twitter is to me the "billboards" of the marketing world - short, brief announcements with catchy headlines that can get people's attention and make them want to click on a link. Getting them engaged in your site afterwords is often the trick - you need to be sure whatever you drive them too relates to the text you tweeted or they will bounce right away.

        Pinterest lets you show off pretty pictures that hopefully others will repin and share increasing knowledge about your offer. It works well if you have very visual products or an ecommerce store, especially if products appeal to women. A good mix of repins and just pretty pictures that don't sell your products helps build your following here.

        You didn't mention it, but I also use Google+ though find it's greatest benefit is for seo. If you want to give a keyword on your site a boost, write an article about it on G+ and link to that page you are trying to rank that keyword for. If that post gets +1 or comments, it helps even more. But I find Google indexes these posts nearly instantly and it gives some great social proof and link juice.

        To me, a social media strategy is a long term marketing plan that lets you build followers and interest in your site/products over time (I don't suggest buying links at all). It builds social proof that google is giving more and more seo weight to and lets you reach your customers in a way that otherwise is hard to do - and for just the investment of your time and not wallet.

        Owner of LABEShops.com & 20+ Niche Online Stores as well as Scifispace.com and other sites. Recommended Host: Evolve

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    I like facebook more than the other two.


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    I like all because all gives good traffic.
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    Use all 3 - this question is like asking: what is better to have at the dinner table: a knife, fork or spoon?

    Truth of the matter is: use all 3, there is a reason every big business is using them!
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    Pinterest is the ideal marketing tool for a photo friendly site with lots of visuals, such as infographics and photographs. Facebook is more about socialization with 'friends' and Twitter is for hot topics and news right now.
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  • Do not forget about Reddit,it can drives you lots of traffic more than you imagine!
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      Originally Posted by sharonlegendaryguide View Post

      Do not forget about Reddit,it can drives you lots of traffic more than you imagine!
      And, so long as you are a respected, contributing member of the Reddit community, then others will value what you are saying and the links you are posting. Gaining respect on Reddit involves actually taking time to be helpful; providing useful answers to questions on site and posting information that other Reddit users might actually enjoy.
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      Originally Posted by sharonlegendaryguide View Post

      Do not forget about Reddit,it can drives you lots of traffic more than you imagine!
      Yes many people recommend me reddit for generating huge traffic. Its not so easy to get on top in Reddit. If you know any trick then explain.
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    They are all good if you are using their pay per click platform. If you are going to pay for traffic through these websites, it is always going to work as long as you know what you are doing.
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    According to me Twitter is best for internet marketing because its google product and mostly business man make profile on twitter and use it more as compare to facebook or pinterest.
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    Truly it depends upon your niche and your expertise
    Anyone who is expert in some specific social media site and is getting results will always say that social site is best

    So start with one social media, learn about it, read about it, do different experiments, and you will surely find some results
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    Consider your reach and who you're marketing to.

    Facebook obviously will give you the biggest audience, Twitter will get you the most immediate reactions and Pinterest is for image heavy campaigns.
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    Twitter is my favorite since the response is right there and very interactive. I find there to be a lot of noise on Facebook.
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      i read an article that pinterest has been doing great in online marketing. more people are buying through pinterest than facebook and twitter. honestly, i dont know whos buying things on twitter. but i guess its because twitters easier to access on mobile? well anyway, i believe in the statistics ive read about putting your business into pinterest.
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    here is how I rank websites for best results
    facebook is number one for getting the best results, then we have twitter and lastly pinterest.
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    I haven't used Twitter much, so I don't know how well it works. Facebook can be used to drive a lot of traffic to your offers, but only if you get the targeting right and have good content. Pinterest can be used to drive traffic to your pages, but you're going to have to spend a significant amount of time building a following and joining active groups before your pins get in front of enough people to where they really take off.

    "A bargain is something you don’t need at a price you can’t resist."
    -Franklin Jones

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    It depends on your customers crow. First of all find where you get the traffic of targeted audience & where they active more.
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    Form my point of view

    1.Facebook -It has 1.19 billion worldwide users
    2.Twitter - Since it's purely for business
    3.Pinterest - Professional social platform

    To be include - Instagram, if you are targeting (19-29 age)
    Google + , community functions work well.
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    It really depends on what you have to offer. If you retail products (especially if they are geared towards women), you need to use Pinterest.

    I have a pretty big Twitter following and I find the bigger it gets the more responsive it is (which stands to reason).

    If you know how to use Facebook ads for your marketing, it is probably going to be the most effective, but at the same time it is also going to be the most expensive option too.

    Hope this helps
    Twitter: @DaveVerney

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    Facebook and Pinterest is best for internet marketing purpose these days.
    Both these sites are helpful to drive traffic. Facebook is also useful for getting customers.
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    I feel using all three sites will help you a lot to advertise. But concentrate more on pinterest and twitter as these drive a lot of traffic.

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    Facebook & Twitter can be very effective in internet marketing. Via building fanpages in facebook you can easily expand you business and your posts will go viral in facebook.
    By twitter you can also gain high quality traffic if your followers be targeted and you must know how to manage your followers in long term.

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    Pinterest is best in my view. Becaz growing many traffic now a days . and earning huge.
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    How to get money for advertising goods companies on facebook and get these products for free.
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    Twitter is good for traffic and followers!
    Facebook is good unless you have enough people on your likes list to view it!
    Pinterest is good for collections of products and is also the best when compared to Twitter and Facebook in terms of image sharing !
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    As for me - Facebook
    Because millions of people use Facebook everyday to keep up with friends, upload an unlimited number of photos, share links and videos, and learn more about the people they meet.
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    Is a ‘Pin’ more valuable than a ‘Like’ or ‘Tweet?’ | HelloSociety Blog

    In terms of monetary return, it appears that Pinterest beats the other two. I think they all have their place, however, because Pinterest is still growing. FB has a much more social aspect (although Pinterest has studied up on this and recently added private messaging capabilities. Twitter is great for short messages. Pinterest also has the capability for long-term storage, however, and in my opinion this makes a huge difference as customers can pin it & think about it and come back later to make a final purchase decision...oftentimes marketing gets lost in the massive amount of other information on FB & Twitter.

    Boost Software teamed up with Neverblue. They helped produce this new affiliate video.

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    Originally Posted by saleoid View Post

    Which social media site is the best for internet marketing Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest? And Why?
    According to me facebook is still, far and away, the most popular social media platform for internet marketing and sharing. I helps to get targeted audience/visitors for your website. So you should go for Facebook. Thanks..
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    Well it all depends on the type of business you want to promote .. If your business is related to Photography then Pinterest will be the best social media site to promote it but if you are web design or SEO services then facebook and twitter can perform well even linkedIn. So there is no criteria which one will perform better. Even you can try all these 3 and then you can get an idea which works for you
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    ALL Plateforms are good for Traffice...
    Facebook is for all ages
    and professional use Twitte and Google plus and Linkdin
    Pinterest is for images.every one uses..
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    Pinterest- This site is especially useful for photo, image, funny related niches. Twitter is awesome for short messaging. Facebook is also great for relevant traffic purpose.
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    There's really no competition between the 3 social platforms. Its like comparing a Internet marketing niche in newbies, advance and intermediate course. They are related but there are no direct competition at the moment

    Twitter focuses on short and quick tweets and hashtags
    Pinterest focuses on Pictures
    Facebook focuses on fapages, groups and ads

    Its a different thing and having all 3 in your arsenal is the only way to go if you are a good marketer
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    I prefer on facebook.
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    Nowadays, the trend of globalization, the process of competition between firms takes place increasingly fierce. The high interactivity is one of the advantages of marketing through social networking. Businesses can quickly access feedback from customers, discuss, share problems with them, carry out surveys or answer their hard questions ... From that maximum control of negative issues that may arise Huz.!
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    Facebook is visited by millions of people everyday. It is the best way to get more traffic and sales.
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      All three are the best when you using it in a right manner.
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