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Pretty bold statement just starting off but let me answer a few questions and maybe you will start following this thread for some sound advice.

1. Should I buy Likes From Fiverr ?

NO they are all Fake and not engaging

2. Can A Facebook Page Get Google PR ?

Yes I have plenty of PR2-PR3-PR4 Facebook pages

3. Does it hurt me when I put a link to an article on my fan page?

No it does not hurt your site as Facebook link is a No-Follow Link, it will keep your link juice on your Facebook page. It might even help you as in Google's eyes you are linking to an authority site on the subject.

4. How do I get more engagement on my Fan page?

First you provide good content made by your self or you link to interesting content others wrote about the subject. You keep only the right audience that will engage your content. When FB see that people will engage your content they will reward you with more people seeing your post. Also you will be rewarded in Google

5. Can I rank A Facebook Page In Google ?

Yes and with the Domain Authority(DA) of Facebook 100 its probably easier then ranking a Video from Youtube.

6. What am I doing Wrong and Can I fix it ?

First off most people are just buying Fake likes from Fiverr and expecting them to engage the content and yeah that will never happen. Second most people are not trying to rank the FB page in Google ? Why I have no idea.

7. How fast should a Facebook Page rank in Google ?

Well that all has to do with engagement on the page, if you get the engagement going you will rank in 4 weeks on page 1 for your keyword.

8. I did not know that about Facebook ?

Take your Facebook URL and put it in the search box in Google. When google find your URL it will be www.facebook.com/yourkeyword if you are Green in Google. If you see tr-tr.facebook.com/yourkeyword you are red in google and all your page rank is lost. (PA). Other variations are ru-ru.facebook.com, id-id.facebook.com and yes you guessed it. Go look at your Facebook insight right now and see if you found your URL as tr-tr.facebook.com you have mostly Turkey's audience (Thank you Fiverr) the others are Russia and India. Facebook will put you on a country server once it find out that most of your audience comes from any country and it the US google search you will be a no show and will loose all your PA and no chance of ranking again before you fix the problem.

7 Is there a Fix to the problem with country URL on Facebook

Yes there is a fix, but for that join me in my private Facebook Group.

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