Does Onlywire Still Work? Anyone using it can share actual results?

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Ok, so I hate SEO. Not a fan.

I don't do keyword research so I am not trying to rank for anything specifically.

But this is like the 6th time in about 2 weeks I heard someone mention onlywire again.

I want to know if anyone is currently using it and can tell me the direct result of it.

Since the price is like 10x what I remember the last time I used it (yeah, it has been that long) I can only assume that people are gladly paying it.

Do you find it brings in visitors and helps spread your message?

Would you recommend it for someone like me who is just looking for the OTHER benefits rather than a silly backlink with the hopes of winning favor in googles eyes?

Would LOVE to hear from personal experience with it. Willing to give it a try again.
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