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does anyone know any tools which can be used to follow people in my niche each day and then hopefully they follow me back? Or do I have to do it manually

is this the best way and fastest of getting a following in my niche or is their another way of getting followers guickly

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    You will following many kind of people. create posts and doing tweets every day. published your twitter link other social media marketing site.
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    I do it manually. But to unfollow, I use
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    There's a few software programs you can use. I can't remember the one I heard before, but it had the word tweet or twitter in the name. Google and you'll get a list of services or programs.
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      What you need to do--though manually--is to register with twellow and search for people with most followers in your niche.By so doing you can get lots of people to can go further to follow their friends.TO get followers, you ve to tweet valuable information that way people who like the info will follow you
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    I have an awesome method. But can't share public
    Venom Software
    Craigslist lead scraper mailer/Linkedin Bot
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    Go to manage flitter. You can sign in with your twitter account. For the Freebie account you have 100 daily unfollows so you can unfollow 100 people in about 30 seconds. It is very quick.

    You can do account search based on a lot of info such as min followers, max followers, words in bio and so forth. You can then search. They will bring up how many accounts of these are on twitter so say you are looking for people who do marketing so you search for people who have marketing in there bio. You want them to have min 1000 followers and min 1000 following. It brings up a list of 10,000 people or whatever the amount is.

    You can then order them in a lot of different ways. My favorite is there following/followers ratio. You can see people who have more they are following than their followers or have a good ratio so you know that they will be more likely to follow back. You then add your daily 50 in about 30 seconds.

    You can then manually add as many as you want by opening a new screen and going to twitter. You will still have the list of the people from your search. You will just have to type in their name. This will take a few minutes.

    In no time you can follow 150 people who will most likely follow you back in your own niche.

    Rinse and repeat every day.

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