Any One Tried Twitter Ads?

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i just setup my twitter ad account i want to know any one have any success as a affiliate with twitter ads ? looking for some hookup ,case study or suggestion is appreciated
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    its expensive, and does not work as good as it used too. But still do not rule it out, you must test and track to make this little bad boy work.
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    I disagree that it's expensive, for the right configuration I've gotten clicks and followers for around 5 cents per; that's a lot less than people typically pay with AdWords.

    I think it's a decent PPC network, and their demographic targeting options are pretty sweet. I've had better ROI using Twitter than Facebook ads.
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    Is the ad the thing we saw under the trending hashtags? The one that has a "Promoted" beside it?

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    Useless, tried it, waste of time and money unless you have something very very long tail or niche, and even then is probably neutral - branding only to get your name out with no return but even then it is questionable. You need to understand most twitter users are bots or marketers - very few real users.
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    I did, and they were too expensive for me. Also the results were not good. They should improve their platform because they have very interesting potential...
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    I got the $50 credit they were offering, but like the others, it turned out expensive for clicks. About $1.52 per click. There are a few different options though, you can also use it to gain followers.

    I was using the promoted tweet option. And a click for them is anything like on the link, as a favorite, retweet. Any action with your tweet, you pay for it.
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