How to make my Facebook group bigger?

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I have a new group on Facebook, I added my friends to the group and I noticed that there is an option to invite people by email.

1. Is there a way to invite people by e-mail automatically? (It's very frustrating to do it one by one)
2. I found out that if you invite people with their Facebook email (@ the invitation will sent to the real person email. how can I get email addresses of Facebook users?

Thanks in advance!
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    I also made a post similar to this issue a few weeks ago, didn't get any good answers.. But after a long (Very long) research I've found the best way increasing the number of my FB group members.

    First, to get Facebook emails you can use "Social Lead Freak" to scrap and convert IDs into emails from groups or pages on Facebook (costs $97-$247). Also you can use AnyAudience for Facebook" to scrap emails directly from any user list on Facebook. (costs $20).

    As for the auto invitation problem, the only tool i know that works very well is also from AnyAudience team.. it's a chrome extension, that called Facebook Group Invite By Email" This tool will automate the process and invite unlimited of emails from TXT/CSV file. (Costs $10)

    Good luck with your group!
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    Really useful information! Thanks
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    I think there is a more useful way to make your group get bigger, that is, you can post your group information to some well known groups (In this situation, you should be in those groups) and then ask the members of those groups to join in your groups.

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    Most group admins will be upset if you advertise a link to your related group within their group. Though that would seem like the logical place to find new members, you will just have to be more subtle about it.

    You might consider Facebook ads to get new members. Ideally, if your ads are targeted, then you should get members who are interested in the subject of your group.
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    make IDs and then use your friends of you ID to your group...
    add friends to group
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    Thanks everyone for your answers, Yesterday I purchased "AnyAudience for Facebook" and "Facebook Group Invite By Email" (As RozeMent suggested), And thing are going great so far. I have 500 new members in my group with only a few hours of using those tools!

    Just one tip: Choose only Targeted people for your group niche, For example, If your group about dogs owners, scrap people that like dogs or members from groups about dogs.
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    The best way is to have email list and then invitey email people to your fb group
    I have application both that gathers emails and sends invitation by email on group.

    Email harvester 45$
    Invite by email application just 85$
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    add as much as your friends to your group
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