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I have about 2500 Twitter followers. I seem to be losing about 1% each month. Not sure if this is a normal level of attrition.
I've tried varying my rate of Tweets with no change in pattern. It's hard to know why people drop off.
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    Not everyone will love you forever
    I think that this 1% is nothing that you should worry about...
    Focus on adding new followers and you'll be fine!
    Good luck
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      Glad to know this is normal!
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    Hi,there are many ways of losing followers
    1.Dont Argue
    2.Be clear with your point
    3.One-one conversions
    4.Not responding
    These are all the few reasons for losing followers
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    Yeah it is normal to lose followers. Don't worry about it. As artflair said, keep getting new followers and following others.
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    Did you buy bots? Try one of those "follow for follow" deals? Neither last very long.

    The other thing to look at is your content. Are you tweeting something worthwhile to your followers? Not something that you think will be useful (because it'll put dolla bills into your account), but something that actually gives them a reason to allow you to populate their feed? If not, found your problem.
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    people are un-following you. maybe they don't like what you're tweeting.

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      People could be unfollowing you for any # of reasons.

      Some people play the "follow-follow back" game and will follow you until you follow back. Then they'll unfollow you so they can follow a new group of people without losing their follow to following ratio.

      Along the same line, some will unfollow you b/c you didn't follow them back.

      Some will unfollow you b/c they're actually trying to read every tweet they get and they're just following "too many" people to keep track.

      Some will unfollow b/c you haven't tweeted in a while.

      Some folks close their accounts.

      And on and on.


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