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I don't really use FaceBook for business except for groups I've joined. I know I'm missing out on a lot. I don't want business prospects or clients seeing what's going on with my family, friends and things like that. I've always tried to keep business and personal separate.

What do you do? Do you have a separate FaceBook account for Business or do you just create a Business page and have prospects/clients going to that using only one FaceBook account?

The reason I'm asking is because a couple of people I know basically went to war on FaceBook today and that would be horrible for customers/clients to see.
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    You can have a FB account and still avoid negative situations. There's nothing really that anybody can post on FB that can't get removed these days, so quite simply, if someone barks at you just refrain from barking back.

    I think FB is wonderful to promote not only your business but your lifestyle. Promoting your lifestyle sometimes will get you more sales and clients than just promoting a business.

    There's more people promoting businesses on FB than there are people paying attention, so if you can effectively keep your posting positive and just share your life, you'll find that people will be drawn to you because that's what most go on to see.

    Hope this helps...

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      I have a personal facebook profile and then I have my business pages. It keeps things seperate.

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