Can some one giude how we do Social Media for seo ranking

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Hello Friends,
I want help from SEO Master's / Guru's, i am attorney from background joined a law firm, they have given me additional responsibility of doing seo work on there site.
As i have been following books and doing the same, in mean time 2 months back i used a tools from seoprofiler
I think it created some back links of our sites in entertainment category and not in Law category, Will this be problem and and we will be penalized.
Please friends can you also give guidance where should i read and take help.
What are the tools we use and what tools we don't use.
Anticipating help from all dear friends i thank you in advance.
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    Attorney working as SEO too?? Never heard that before.

    What exactly are your duties there as SEO?
    Did they give you any list of activities to perform in order to rank well?
    What is your website that you are trying to rank?
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      I Thank you for your reply..
      Well site is from USA, and we are back office of them, As work is slow in States they have given us duty to do SEO, as we don't know what is what, trying to get help from friends like you.
      My thanks for the time you have given for our post..
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    Today's social media is the best option for developing your online business. If you want to do SEO through social media, you can do post content, images and links on your social sites. You can increase followers and also follow some related pages.
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      Thanks Abby for your time, if we get list what to do in social media it will be appreciated, or website as guide.
      Thanking you in advance
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    Setup your goals for social media:
    These could be for example increasing the size of the community and gain more exposure for your content.
    Understand your audience:
    Before beginning being active in social media, you should research and understand the users that are interested in your market.
    Select your social media channels:
    There are so many different social media channels available, that it's impossible for a business to be successful on all of them. For the beginning, select 3-4 channels where your target audience is active.
    Connect with influencers:
    People with a lot of followers in social media can be valuable, because they can spread your message to more people. Locate them and try to connect with them.
    Make a social media posting plan:
    For every channel, decide how often you will post and what kind of content you're going to use.
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    I would only get what you can track and never do bulk buys. What you want are consistent shares from hundreds or even thousands of people. That will tell Google you deserve to rank.
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    Social Media will increase your site backlink...
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