What's the best most up to date FB training?

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Facebook has been changing so much, I'm curious what the best, most up to date training is on how to use both Facebook in general for biz and also that is specific to using FB ads.

So either a training that focuses on both FB and FB ads or separate trainings for each one.

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    Stackthatmoney forum. Moderator named Zeno

    Super knowledgable
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    Stackthatmoney this forum gives create training and ideas
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      If you search for Facebook ads 2014 or Facebook advertising 2014 on YouTube you can find the most up to date free training videos. You can look on Udemy for the most popular courses and see when they say they have been updated.

      Thank you to the 400+ warriors that chose to buy my Facebook WSO granting lifetime access to my Udemy course!

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    It's hard to say since Facebook seems to change something weekly. Something that was working really well last month, may be a waste of time and/or money today. So you may have to do some searching around like "banwork" said. Then learn what you can, try it to see if it still works. Then you can start of new thread here telling us what works now and what doesn't. ;-)
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  • Thanks guys. I appreciate you chiming in.

    Has anybody checked out Traffic Genesis?
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