YouTube comments, effective?

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How effective is leaving comments on popular YouTube videos relevant to your niche with a link back to your site? So essentially "spamming" but is it effective at all or are people totally blind to links left in comments? Thanks!
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    I would avoid
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    As far as I know, yt doesn't allow clickable link in the comments section, so a txt url will get you even fewer visitors.
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    i have monetized my video on youtube still no ad running.. Please anyone suggest me to resolve issue, thanks..

    my video link is -- Crazy Jokes (Husband vs Wife) | Funniest Gags on Married Couples - YouTube

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    I tried that a little bit did't really work out though.
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    dont do it in all kind of videos but you can do bit if you find videos related to your topic...
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    Commenting on videos relevant to your channel and or video is a must to get Social authority. However commenting with a url typed in the comment often gets flagged for spam and ultimately can cause strikes on your channel. I Would suggest commenting on regulary on authority/popular videos th,is passes social juice to your channles videos and ultimately to the site that has them embedded on . Just make sure the comments are valuable to the videos viewers and not generic.
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    IMO, they are becoming less and less effective
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    About youtube ranking. is this fiverr method in this video a good way to make it rank?
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      I honestly think adding a link would cause a bad impression. Commenting with authority on social media is a must IMHO, but it should never seen spammy else people will avoid you like the plague. Nobody likes a leech, even if that leech is well informed.

      I'd casually mention my business if I were you.
      If people are truly interested they will click on your channel and see your info. Much better than having people think you're a filthy spammer on the off-chance that someone will click.

      I think a better strategy would be to make videos of your own and have links to your business in the description. This way you attract visitors two fold: 1) through authoritative videos and original content & 2) with comments you leave on other channels and videos

      Just my 2c, do what you will with it
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    Leaving nice comments or intriguing ones, yes, can help by engaging with people who maybe will find you interesting enough as to access your YT profile and see your content. But any other method may seem a bit too desperate and can be easily ignored by others.
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    People probably will not click on your link you leave back to your site because there has been a lot of spam lately on YouTube, so people might associate your comments with spam if you leave a link in your comments.
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    You might get a few clicks but would probably be more work than its worth
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    Honestly, I think it's a bad idea. Spam linking on YouTube just makes you look bad. Have you considered occasionally sharing your link on relevant blogs?

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    If your video is really nice ,you need to have some comments,put your friends to comment your YouTube video and that will help....
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    I would say it's not very useful. It's very obvious and it ticks people off.

    On the whole, you get what you pay for.

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    I used to do this for brain health related videos but after reading the comments I would deff stop... no one likes a spammer

    Curtis Ashford

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    Comments are becoming less effective
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    i tried manny times as well when i was repeatedly advised, but never worked out as effective as expected at all waste of time if you are thinking big
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    Not too much effective!
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    People aren't blind to them at all. I've tried the method of spamming popular videos, but no matter how I word the comment, it instantly gets marked as spam most of the time. The few that don't get flagged, do bring me traffic though.

    This is what I do:
    Search your niche on YouTube
    Then under filters choose Upload Date: Today

    ^Spam those videos
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    If you want to put your link into a comment, this is hard to get displayed in the front of a Youtube video.
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    In my view, YouTube comment is less effective.
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    leaving comments on youtube will help you reach out to people
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    As i know its not support a url but u can post as txt/jpg mode.
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    I don't think this is a good way to get traffic. Even if ppl see your link or click your link, they will probably not buy anything from you coze they will think trustworthy company will not spam like you do........

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    I don't think it will help you much. Actually, people do this for for promotion only, that links doesnt make any sense in the comment section. Better do not spam. If possible try to build good backlinks.
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