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by Kurt
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While many posts about how to improve the Warrior Forum are suggestions about what NOT to do or not allow, I prefer a more positive approach. Instead of complaining about low quality posts, I suggest rewarding high quality posts.

Also, a great way to get people to recommend the Warrior Forum is to pay them for doing so.

For starters, I suggest starting an affiliate program for the private/premium Warrior forums:

The War Room
The Warrior Book Club
The Warrior High Voltage Video Forum - (and I suggest raising the price to $37)

This would encourage folks to promote the Warrior Forum and more traffic to these forums will encourage more traffic to all other areas of the WF as well.

Not only would this increase traffic, it will increase revenue for the WF at the same time. It's a win/win/win situation.

Next is to have contests for "Post of the Day", "Post of the Week" and "Post of the Month". Awards could be cash and/or "Warrior Bucks" which could be applied to private forums, coupons to run/bump WSOs or classified ads etc, coupons for WSO products using Warrior Payments, coupons for services on Freelancer, etc.

Winners could also have an award image for each time they won added to their profile shown on each of their posts, with a link to their winning post(s). This will give more "cred" to the poster as well as more exposure to the best of the best WF posts, increasing the positive perception of WF content. The more times good posts are read, the better for the WF.

An idea would be to have a "nominate this post" button added to each post, with the results calculated and those with the most nomination "points" sent to a selection person or "committee". Maybe rotate the members of the committee and include both Freelancer folks and past winners of the awards.

This system lets WF members have input concerning the best posts, while the ultimate winners are selected by a group of people selected by the Freelancer staff. A page with the top nominees could be archived in a new WF section, maybe called the "Hall of Fame WF Posts"?

To take the nominations a step further, maybe create a "Warrior Rank" similar to Google's PageRank, where the nominations are scored by points based on a system that incorporates the number of "thanks" a member has, such as:

Number of thanks = Number of Points awarded per nomination:
10,000+ = 10 points
5000-9999 = 8 points
1000-4999 = 6 points
500-999 = 4 points
100-499 = 2 points
0-99 = 1 point

While not perfect, it gives more weight to members that have made posts that other members appreciate for any particular reason. IMO, a nomination for "Best Post" from someone with 10,000+ thanks should carry more weight than a nomination from someone with 2 thanks.

The WarriorRank system also adds value to having posts that are thanked, which is another means of encouraging better posts.

The WarriorRank system could also be used to allow access to other private areas of the Warrior Forum.

One problem is the time a post was made. A post made in the middle of a week may have it's nominations split between two different week periods. However, having an Award Committee would be able to make human decisions and factor this in. The nomination system is to give members input as well as help the Award Committee curate nominated posts.

Paying people through an affiliate program is a time tested, proven way to increase traffic and revenue. Rewarding the best posts will encourage more and better posts.
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    Let me add...Maybe allow anyone with a product listed as a WSO to include their product as part of the award. Those that donate a WSO product could have a link to their WSO listed on an "awards" thread or page.

    IMO, it's cash that talks. But adding some products as bonuses could greatly increase the value of the Warrior Forum's Post of The Day/Week/Month prizes. I'd gladly let winners of the Week or Month have access to the Warrior High Voltage Video Forum.

    Obviously, there's some details that would need to be worked out, but it's something to think about.
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