Opt-Ins now allowed in War Room?

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Found a few offers in the war room this morning which require one to opt-in somewhere to access content.

Is this now allowed? As it wasn't in the past.

Should there be a disclaimer on those at least?
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    It's still listed in the rules but doesn't seem to be routinely enforced. I've noticed a few add an "alt link" but not always easy to find.
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    I haven't checked out the War Room recently, but I did report a few of those opt-in threads a month or two ago and they were swiftly nuked. Based on your comments, I'm heading back there now for another quick blitz.

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    Hi guys,

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Our moderation team does scour this section for those kinds of threads. Although we still do need your help so your reports are very appreciated.
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