Buggy Implementation of Feed & Forum View Together is Driving Traffic Away [Seems Resolved]

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The implementation of the feed view is still so buggy it acts like it is still in beta. Trying to browse the forum in forum view (not logged in) on my mobile is almost impossible. I have no idea what it's like when logged in, never tried it.

Navigation errors and pop-overs every few clicks dominate my not logged in user experience.

How much traffic do you suppose you are driving away with such a buggy implementation of both feed and forum view?

Do you plan to fix this?

It should be easy to replicate on some mobile browsers, just try browsing the forum NOT logged in for 20-30 minutes browsing long multi-page threads and see how much fun you have. IF you are seeing what I am seeing a WF pop-over ad covers the screen every few clicks, if a pop-over does not cover the screen then I am often switched to feed view for no reason making long threads almost impossible to get back too.

What a pain in the a$$.

Note: If a mod,admin, or tech needs more details than I have posted here please feel free to reply.
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    Just to clarify, your issue is that viewing in the forum view randomly brings you to feed view? While logged out and in mobile?
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    That's a bit of an over clarification.

    #1 The issue seems intermittent.

    #2 When it happens the pop-over sometimes pops over like it's supposed to pop up every 3 or 4 clicks.

    #3 It's not only on mobile, I see it occasionally on my desktop too.

    The view switching happens frequently enough that I captured a video for you yesterday.

    feed-screwed - ForumGuru's library
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