Mobile Friendly Version of Threads Without All The Distractions...

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Hey WF Team,

I think that it would make sense to have a mobile friendly version that shows the thread WITHOUT all the distractions. Right now the thread is below the fold, and above the fold all you can see is share buttons & "show modern | show classic".

I don't think this makes sense. Other than the fact that most people do not share sales pages in most cases, the "show modern" part is cool if it's just on the home page and not on all pages including our threads.

Mobile traffic is crucial to seller's success, it would be awesome to see the thread itself ABOVE the fold, I think it's way more important than these share buttons.

I'm not against these though, just think they should be located below and not above. The first thing a visitor must see is the headline of the thread, that's going to help sellers, and thus, help the Warrior Forum as well.

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