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New Section/Category #1 Content (Writing) Warriors

Copywriters have their own corner. On the other hand, content writers have no other choice than to post in Main Forum, which sometimes isn't the best solution. And, we all agree that content is the king, after all. So, let's create a section for content writers and so how it goes.

We can make a parallel with FL. For quite some time we had only copywriting category for projects among others (articles, rewriting, etc.). But, this wasn't quite right and accurate. You could find everything and anything under the copywriting category. After a new category content writing was introduced, the things were much more relaxed and smoothened. I honestly believe that we can achieve the same effect here with the Content (Writing) Warriors category.

New Section/Category #2 Freelance Warriors

I know that we already have a forum on FL. However, what I have in mind is a category for marketers with a freelance status. This category wouldn't be something reserved for freelancers from FL. What I'm thinking about is a category where guys who are both marketers and freelancers could discuss some things relevant for freelancing. This means that we would discuss all platforms and all aspects of freelancer's work and life. Including those marketers who are freelancers, but they aren't necessarily associated with any platform in particular.

Thank you.
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    The rest of us started suggesting something similar on the day you and your paid article dumper friends showed up


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    Why not get rid of all the other useless categories and simply have the whole site filled with junk articles?
    That what seems to be happening at the moment so why not make it official?

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    Looks like they are employing paid to write stories now too.
    So many, "I've got a client what shall I do" blah blah types of post.
    They all have stupid usernames and no sig files
    so it's pretty obvious.
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    Christ, are they paying people to write suggestions now too?

    The last thing the forum needs is more categories. If anything, I would say it is time to trim a few.

    Besides, it would just mean they have to hire a bunch more writers to junk up those areas too.
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