Suggestion: One minute for WF - Five minutes for warriors.

by neshaword 7 replies
WF has 3 prerogatives, which are essential for its work:

1) Previous approval for all new threads;
2) An option to delete comments;
3) An option to move threads from one category to another more suitable one;

Regarding the third option, I would like to make a suggestion. It's entirely up to WF to decide where to put a new thread. Yet, while we wait for a minute to be published, it shouldn't be a problem for WF to wait for another five minutes before moving it to the more suitable category.

This five-minute delay shouldn't hurt WF and the author of a new thread is allowed to spend some time in the first category of his choice. Would five minutes make a difference? Probably not, so we should have nothing against it. I think that some interesting ideas and questions are automatically "disqualified" by being moved to "off topic" category. This isn't a big deal, but the possibility to attract additional attention and therefore more opinions is automatically diminished.

Again, this is only a suggestion. You can try it and see how it works.

Thank you.
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    I'm not sure how a grace period helps anyone, Nesha. If a mod feels that a post is inappropriate in a certain section, it's inappropriate now, not in five minutes. It's not like anyone "deserves" a larger audience, even briefly. Otherwise, people would have an incentive to simply ignore the whole subforum categorization approach altogether, and just always post in the same, highest volume area.

    Besides, you're still earning the same amount for each word, no matter where it appears, right? Or are you paid per impression?
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    How about the person writing the post, thread, or in your case, article do the right thing. as far as deleting comments. Way too many comments in threads like yours and all the other paid contributors are being deleted already


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    author of a new thread is allowed to spend some time in the first category of his choice.
    Because everyone would post in the Main Section where there are more viewers - not sure why it matters when you have no signature.

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    Irrespective of where it gets posted, it will still get the desired attention or get ignored even when posted in the hottest category.

    The right thing should be done and that is posting in the right category or have it moved to the appropriate section. It goes to say, a lot of such threads gets posted in the wrong section intentionally. What a naive way of thinking?
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      Originally Posted by johnben1444 View Post

      Irrespective of where it gets posted, it will still get the desired attention or get ignored even when posted in the hottest category.
      But their or more sig file spammers on the main forum why give them the 5 minutes to spam a thread.

      New threads should be posted in the right sub forum from the get go. SEO Questions belong in that section, E-commerce belong in that section, etc.... Most people have very little interest in certain sections of the forum. Why subject them to the readers of the main forum or the wrong forum from the start ? It's just a waste of time to skip over those posts or ask to have them move to the right place. The majority of the people here dis-like the long articles being dumped here and all it does is waste space and clutter up the forum. A neat organized forum is a lot easier to read at the end of the day. Plus it will help make life easier for the moderators who are overworked here in the first place.

      So noone deserves an extra 5 minutes. If not everybody would want to have some special time for their mistakes. Making too many adjustments for one poster will just cause to many problems at the end of the day!

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    Reward me for posting awful articles by letting them stay in the main section longer than they should.
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    If someone writes fake forum articles, are the forum complaints also fake?
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