I can't find a fast easy way to log in - is there one?

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Maybe it's different for people who visit WF on mobile, but I visit WF on desktop. When I come to WF, however, I am surprised and puzzled because so many lengthy steps are required to be able to log in, and I have not been able to find any faster or easier way. I've also searched for it.

When I arrive at WF, this is how I have to login:

1. Click "Register" link in upper left of screen because there is no log in link or feature.

2. Registration pop up overlay appears.

3. Scroll down the pop up.

4. Click "Already have an account?" link.

5. New log in pop up overlay now appears.

6. Now at last, I can do the log in.


Just imagine when you like to come back a lot sometimes and you don't exactly like storing cookies... (Help!)

The WF implementation and development modifications to VBulletin here are really great, and as happened to me recently you could even wind up not being sure it's VB software any more. However, this really looooooooooong multi-step process just to log in via desktop is really puzzling and hard to bear. ("Must hold on, can't hold on much longer...")

In contrast, for instance, a lot of forums have moved from VB to XF, and with XF as soon as you arrive on the homepage of a forum the log in process is as fast and easy as Bruce Lee on steroids. But even with VB I'm sure you can still have a much faster easier log in.

Is it possible the team just hasn't noticed this issue because most people use mobile now?

In any event - PLEASE do add a quick easy log in feature that appears right away without having to dig for it. I'm confident that could also possibly add Big Time to the bottom line for WF, as in win-win for all.
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