Could someone fix the black toolbar?

by Kay King 3 replies
The black toolbar is 'over reactive' - if your cursor goes anywhere NEAR the "marketplace" or "forums" links the black options screen covers the page. The words aren't linked - apparently the entire bloc the word is in activates the drop down menu.

More than that - prior to this latest change you could click on "forums" and that took you to the MAIN forum page that listed the sections, etc. I can't find a way to get there now.

The words "all forums" appears on the drop down - but it's not linked to what's the point of putting it there? How do you get to the main forum page?

This is a change that reminds me of people who just want to play around with things - if anything, this change ADDED clicks to navigation and seems someone forget to link the "all forums" at all.
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    Thanks for posting about this, Kay. It's EXTREMELY ANNOYING how over-reactive the top dropdown menu is!!!

    Why not make it how it was before, which is to only open the dropdown menu when clicked on?

    And the classic version doesn't show when not logged in. It's so frustrating, to say the least
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    Yes, becoming a right royal pain now.
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    Kay King, we have linked the "All Forums" text to the homepage since last week (2/27/2017).

    Thanks for your insights and we're going to consider these to improve the forum.
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