[Fixed] Is this deliberate or a glitch?

by Kay King 8 replies
When I come to the forum the black popup ads show on the lower left of the screen. Recently, the 2-3 ads are not for various offers here - each popup is for the SAME offer 2-3 times.

Is it deliberate or an oops?
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    Try using Google Chrome as your browser (if your not already) and see if the same issue occurs. I'm not seeing what your seeing while using chrome.. it blocks pop ups of all sorts. Best of wishes.
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    I use Chrome and have the same problem. I swear I brought that up awhile back here. The issue is a pain and more likely a glitch.
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    I'm using Firefox - it doesn't bother me but if the forum is intending to show a representative sample of ads....it ain't workin'.

    I thought I saw someone mention it before....guess I'm being repetitive today

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  • I just nuked them with the pop up ad blocker its like wack a mole lol
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    That's a definitely a glitch. We're looking into it, along with some other issues right now. The engineers will post soon to update everybody.

    I'm part of the Warrior Forum team, hit me up with any suggestions that could help improve the forum!

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    This was definitely a glitch. We have pushed a fix to avoid showing of duplicate offers.

    Appreciated the report, Kay King.
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  • Still happening !! have had 2 pop ups in the last 3 times i have logged on
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