Why leave the spam when spammer is banned?

by Kay King 3 replies

I've seen several of these in the past week or so. If someone has posted 17 spam posts with his links - the person is eventually banned - but the posts aren't being removed.

If someone is reported for ONE link spam post - wouldn't you think a mod would check out the person's other posts and delete all the link spam?

In THIS Suggestion Section - a clearly spam thread - no way you don't see it....but it's been live now for three hours. Why NOT spam this forum - good chance your links will be live for quite a while....
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    In general the mods try to assess whether they think the posts will turn into decent conversations. Sometimes this means they'll kill them, sometimes they'll leave them there. The one you've linked has some content, so they prefer to leave it.

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    What about this one from the mind the forum ?http://www.warriorforum.com/mind-war...-attitude.html Post # 28

    What useful information is to be gained by this ?

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    Default RE: Do You Have An Attitude?
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    I'm not sure exactly what's happened there but that shows up as deleted for me. Does it still show up for you?

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