Posting Stolen Content Okay Now?

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I reported a few stolen pieces of content recently and included the original source. Instead of deleting the content, the mods or someone just put the source in.

For example: was apparently stolen from

Is it your policy to allow stolen content as long as a link is given? Just curious. If it is then no need to report these in the future.

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    I also saw two articles where 'credit' had been added....surprised FL would condone it. I thought "copy/paste" was not allowed and that "articles" were also no longer being used. At the time I thought perhaps there was permission given, etc - something we would not know.
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      you're right, they're (copy/pasted articles) are not allowed in the forums.

      10 points to Mike for picking this one up too. Thanks guys.
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    I don't believe citing a source gives anyone permission to republish content in its entirety.
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    Fair point. Mod team has been notified to change tack with this.
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    Hey Mark, generally no we don't believe that copy/pasting a whole article is of good intention... From my perspective, hyperlink is fine as long as there's an opinion on the matter that creates discussion or highlights something new in our world.

    Thanks for bringing this up, citing a source definitely doesn't give anyone permission to republish an entire article, however - outside of the WF, asking someone if their article can be republished is a whole 'nother battle.
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    You should also look at the "Email Marketing Forum" There is someone that almost on a daily basis posts articles. and when you try to read them you realize they have been run through a spinner. I have reported this a couple of times but to no avail. So now I just skip past anything posted by this person


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    Thanks for letting us know agmccall.

    That user has contributed more meaningfully in some other forums, so for now I've messaged him and asked him to stop posting the spinner articles. If he doesn't stop then we'll have to ban him.

    I'm part of the Warrior Forum team, hit me up with any suggestions that could help improve the forum!

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