Make it easier for me to give you money

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I'm just using the following subforum as an example; I'm sure the issue exists elsewhere.

The Looking To Hire You subforum now forces the Feed view on me, (despite setting my preference to the contrary). There used to be a thread or two at the top which explained the subforum: What its purpose is, how it works, guidelines, and how much it costs to post and bump. I don't see that any more. There's a button that states "List Your Job Offer", but rather than displaying overview/purpose, prices, guidelines, rules, etc., it simply goes to a Post New Thread page. Protip: I'm not going to post a thread before knowing what it will cost me.

Oh, and the site does show me an old thread of mine, but instead of letting me see the number or replies and views, those (desired) stats are replaced with a huge button demanding $50 to... I'm not even sure what "Claim Your $50 Sticky" means.

In short, I came here to hand you money, and the site did everything to turn me away from doing so.
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    Thanks for the suggestions David, we're planning a few changes to the marketplaces, so we can potentially incorporate them then. I'll talk to the team about it.

    I'm part of the Warrior Forum team, hit me up with any suggestions that could help improve the forum!

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    timokeefe, sorry to go on about it (elsewhere in subforum!) but this sounds similar to what I'm experiencing in the WSO section too. Product approved, but no payment link! (or PM)

    Thanks in advance for your attention
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    Hey sorry for jumping in a bit late. PMd David Beroff and Ian Jackson already
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