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by Zoe_21
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Reading the latest blog entry was quite disappointing

Not because of the content or the external website link included but the word length

According to https://wordcounter.net/, it consisted of 105 words or 561 characters

This makes it just one character more than those allowed in two tweets.

You have heard that Twitter has introduced 280 characters per tweet right?

If you havent you can find out about the change here on Twitter's blog

So as I was saying, 280 + 280 = 560 characters within two tweets and the WF post in question has 561 characters.

Is 105 words really long enough to be classed as a blog post or is that length a teaser to a blog post?

Yes, I agree with you if you're saying: "word count is not a standalone judge of quality content especially if you can make all of your points, after grabbing the readers attention, then enticing them to read to the end and getting that click and all important conversion" but (and yes I have a 'but') counting the characters in this suggestion post that you're reading here right now + reading this far, do you realise that it has more characters than the blog post in question!

BTW: To save you counting, in total this post has 304 words and 1639 characters!

Okay I admit, I'm padding here now with the BTW bit but will assume that you get the gist of how in my view 105 words is just an introduction to a blog post NOT a blog post.

Set a maximum limit of words allowed for posting on the WF blog.

What is considered a maximum?

Unsure because if a WF blog post gets job done, (yes I did click the CTA) does the word length matter?

Hey, perhaps 561 characters is just right afterall.
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    Do you mean a MINIMUM limit of words?
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      Originally Posted by pauloadaoag

      Do you mean a MINIMUM limit of words?


      Even if unsure what the 'minimum' is.

      BTW: I do like the sound of the temporary hold on new WF blog contributions and have a question on the Warrior Learn section. Will a Learn search box be added soon so easier to navigate to specific Learn content?
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