Don't Really Like the New WF Format

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I liked the old format better, classic view I guess it's called. It was much easier to find things on WF then too. Now, I have trouble locating items like WSOs and other posts and it's difficult for me to know which posts I've already looked at.

In the past the WSOs were easier to filter through- and also to post and reply to WSOs was easier IMO. WF has taken a step back with the new format & I don't understand why.

Perhaps it was to make WF more mobile friendly? Please share if anyone (moderators) has any insights or opinions on the WF Webpage layout and why it was changed.

Thanks for reading!

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    No problem - you can go to 'classic view' - that's what I use.

    Click on your user name in the black toolbar above - from the dropdown menu click on 'view classic'.

    In the WSO section you have to click on 'classic' on every page it seems but for discussion sections switching to 'classic' will provide the 'old style'.
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      Thanks- appreciate the response. Will try that.
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    mobile friendly was a big part of it + the codebase is aging and we need to move to something more modern.
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