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Hello WF,

I am have a suggestion (or partial one) I would like to know why don't you either have a section on Virtual or Augmented Reality, I mean that is part of this internet and programming , too (or does that belong on the programming section). I mean, that is possibly gonna be booming, too destroying the video games ( and possibly the mobile games App(hopefully not, or not too Soon) (* I mean look at the Iron Man Movies - he has and showed Augmented Reality there) (not just that but electronic currency bitcoins and cryptos are taking over paper money and their stock markets). i am just saying and asking why not talk, discuss and learn from each other about it. What you other warriors think.

(If this has been declined to post, that is fine or moderators let me know my answer what I am asking and looking for, that is fine, too)
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    First off your way ahead of the times here. Their have not been many if any, threads about V.R. & A.R. here. A few posts about it but that is it. The Warrior Forum is looking at removing multiple sections right now. Do not expect a section like V.R. & A.R. to happen any time in the near future. You are welcome to post in the Off Topic section if you like. Follow the rules if you make a thread in the section. Expect a lot of non sense posts there. It is open season down in that section to high jack threads for fun and make jokes in them.

    Crypto is allowed only in the "off topic" section. Please use the search button for open threads. Most are shut down because of arguments and heavy spam targets. Every one, but 1 or 2 the Original Poster turns about to be promoting their signature, wso, or personal agenda. They are locked and deleted at soon as it happens. If Crypto is kept on topic about how it can be used in Internet Marketing it might get approved. They usually turn out to be ruined and closed after to many fights.
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    To be honest, when reading this forum at times i feel I am in a 'virtual reality'....

    ...could use a little augmentation, though.
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