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Some days ago I spent a little more than an hour composing a complex SEO question and today I got a mail saying:

Hey Rigpa,

Your post on "Page 10 in Google Serps" was removed by a moderator. The reason for this is below.

"repost as a general SEO question - without site links"

Best Regards,
Warrior Forum

I have read the Warrior Rules and it says in 1.6:

"In line links are allowed and even encouraged as long as they are not selling anything and expand specifically on the concept being discussed."

I tried to post in the support forum but Im not allowed to do that.

So i am pretty confused here.

1. I did not foresee that the post would be deleted so I do not have a copy of that rather long post. Do you have a copy ?

2. Can I post a link or can I not post a link in a post?
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