Content creation forum?

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This would be on article writing, video creation, electronic book creation, pod-cast creation, and so on and so forth...

How to create quality content effectively and/or efficiently and that has the potential to go viral.

Just a thought!
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    I second this suggestion.

    There's always griping in the CW section about content writing.
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      I would like to see a section for this, as well. Content of all types is what makes the Internet go round. Today, more than ever before, it is vital that people learn how to create valuable content.
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    Content creation is too important not to have a dedicated forum.
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    I sense that there is some decent support for this.
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    Definitely need a section for this. As a writer myself I see a lot of threads that belong in this section IF it existed. It would also stop the confusion for people who are posting in the copywriting section when they should not be.

    Cheers, Laurence. Writer/Editor/Proofreader.
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    Many people would like to scan the thread. In this world of technology, it would be worth-appreciated. There would be more essential information be out of prestige but behind them are the writers who continues to grow in their field. Nice idea!
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    I need some info about content writting
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    A 1 UP for a content creation forum too!
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    It would be nice having people discuss various points related to content writing and content marketing. A separate section for this would definitely be a good idea.
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    As Internet's knowledge is growing at a very fast pace, content writing is the main concern about the today's expansion of knowledge. The unique content is the need of the hour. I am sure that content writing and content marketing have a great future.
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    The word viral has already made as understand the content we are sharing must have the capacity to spread over the web quickly. In order to make your content go viral online, you have to make your content easily shared. Each manifestation of content whether its video, text or images might as well have the ability to be imparted over the Web 2.0 stage. Reconcile Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and whatever available widgets into the page the content is on with the intention that clients or readers can effortlessly click it. This will make it more probable that fans will impart the content over the different social media network. Don't make individuals need to chase for your content. Provided that it is constantly had on your own site makes it simple to find utilizing straightforward Urls and direct links. For sites which utilize HTML outlines, make sure that the substance has its own particular URL; this makes it much simpler for individuals to find and they are significantly less averse to take after through.
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    Every one here support to other members in all problems which any one facing but need posts in right section ...
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    Another vote for a Content Creation subforum.

    But I'd want to point out that Content Writing is actually a PART of Content Creation and so the two are not interchangeable.

    CC comprises all of the different stuff the OP said and possibly more.

    CW is too narrow to make sense as a standalone forum.

    Also Content Marketing is totally different from CC.

    CM could be a forum on its own and actually should be. I think merging CM and CC in one forum will defeat the purpose of having a CC forum to a large degree if not even completely.

    Just subtle points to note. Would love a CC forum for sure.

    Would love to know... do the powers that be read and really consider these suggestions though?
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    I agree with this, a content creation forum, would be good, I think if enough people suggest it maybe something will be done, but who knows.
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