You may only post 5 messages every 60 minutes.

by iqrapsh 4 replies
As a paid member i am only allowed to post 5 messages every 60 minutes.
Make no sense, i was here to buy some links and unable to communicate due to this, please help me with this.

I think its only private messages that are limited, as i am able to post but can not send private message.

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    These are the rules of the forum, so no one can help except the site owner.
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    this also helps the mods clean up some of the automated spam that people have software post in here. That gets annoying.

    I think it is a good think all in all.
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    It's put in place to stop spam, deal with it.

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    5 PM's every 60 minutes seems a bit harsh, though on the other hand if you need to communicate rapidly, use skype and if you don't I'm sure you an wait an hour.
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