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I posted about this in another thread but it most likely got missed so I'm putting it here as this is the suggestion section.

So, right now the price for the header style graphic ad that we all see at the top of the forums is $100/per day.

We have no way to track clicks or impressions, or spit test our ads!

As this IS a marketing forum it seems a little hypocritical that these simple features weren't available in the past doesn't it?

Additionally advertisers are also unable to split test their image ads which is another very basic advertising principle.

I'd also like to see the weekly text ads returned, these are the ones that showed up embedded into the threads.

Here's a link to show you guys what the text ads looked like. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see.

Now I'm sad, out of all the archived threads available to me on I found one from Vanessa! God bless her soul, RIP V. = (

Please rate the thread if you feel this is an important feature to be available to advertisers.
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    These are the tools we need on Warrior Forum!

    David Hunter | Duke of Marketing

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    Totally agree with Rus Sells. I would love to see those suggestions.
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    In a related vein, I'm bummed that the full list of current advertising banners is no longer displayed as it had been previously. This had several advantages:
    1. It gave some assurance that the inventory was a "limited" resource; I think the prior limit was around ten banners in rotation at any given time. Now... who knows?

    2. Viewers like me could review all of the current offerings, either out of curiosity or because one wanted to re-see an ad that was only partially-seen earlier, e.g., as one was already clicking away from a page.

    3. Advertisers would get more impressions and clicks because of that page.
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    Rus Sells,
    Very good suggestion. I think this has been said here before as well long time ago. I think the advertisers need to know what is working or not working for them. The admin should seriously look into your suggestion.
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