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Mysterious Backwoods Louisiana Man Reveals Secrets to Internet Fortune
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Mysterious Backwoods Louisiana Man
Reveals Secrets to Internet Fortune

Somewhere in the deep south Allen Says has been quietly amassing a fortune from the internet since the mid 1990s. Though the man is secretive about his private life and doesn’t make public appearances, he believes his proven methods of making an incredible income on the internet should not be confidential at all. He also doesn’t believe that money making secrets should be so expensive that the general public can’t afford them. While some internet marketing “gurus” are selling their methods in bloated multimedia courses for upwards of $2000, Allen, perceived by many as an anti-guru, is practically giving his millionaire methods away in a perpetually growing interactive forum and mastermind group for a fraction of what others charge for a DVD course.

In 1997 Allen Says began assembling The Warriors of Internet Marketing in a small forum on a site shared with other message boards. That small group of brilliant minds exchanging their money making ideas has evolved over twelve years into The Warrior Forum, a massive online community of seasoned multi-millionaire marketers, six figure earners, and newcomers in search of advice and knowledge. With popular internet marketing top dogs such as Marlon Sanders, Jonathan Mizel, John Reese and Mike Filsaime posting their thoughts and participating in discussions, it’s no wonder that The Warrior Forum is ranked by Alexa as among the top 700 sites on the internet in the world, and the top 300 in the United States. And anyone can join in the discussions there for free!

Allen Says, The Anti-Guru

In an industry where the big money earners often make much of their lives public in order to brand themselves, Allen Says doesn’t appear at seminars, post videos of himself to YouTube, or plaster his face and name all over the internet. Since the earliest days of his career he seems to have gone out of his way to keep his identity private, and even somewhat secret. It was only two years ago that he released a photo of himself, and many of his followers question to this day whether or not it is even truly him.

But despite his determination not to grandstand or pimp himself to attract followers, he has amassed a giant group of devotees who have launched their own successful work from home internet careers based on his teachings.

Starting with the ground-breaking classics, Internet Cash Machines and Magic Letters, and culminating with his hugely popular Private Posts Volume I in 2005, Allen’s approach of providing brilliant ideas and tactics in the form of inexpensive ebooks as opposed to high-priced seminars and DVD courses has earned him a reputation as an anti-guru. It’s clearly obvious he’s a man with a conscience when it comes to providing massive value to his students while keeping the cost low.

Finally, four years after the release of his last published work, Allen has satisfied the demands of his students for more. Not with another ebook, but with an interactive private forum he calls The War Room.

And contrary to what the gurus are doing, Allen doesn’t charge hundreds of dollars a month for access to his secrets, or even to interact with him. In fact, there is no monthly fee at all. For a tiny one-time remittance, Allen’s students gain access to this insanely valuable mastermind group for as long as it endures.

The Million Dollar Question

So, what exactly is The War Room?

The most devoted of Allen’s students will argue that the single most valuable aspect of The War Room is Allen Says himself. Allen sharing his ideas and strategies. Allen masterminding with members. Allen giving access to things that others must pay for, or that aren’t available elsewhere at all.

Here’s a glimpse into some topic titles in Allen’s “My Ideas, Strategies & Plans.” This is where he shares his thoughts and ideas; things that previously would have been in an ebook. But the big difference here is that members don’t have to wait for an ebook release to get the new material, and they have an open forum to discuss the topics with Allen and other members.

Others argue that the most valuable aspect of The War Room is the ability to post Warrior Special Offers (WSOs). The WSO board is a place where War Room members can advertise special offers on The Warrior Forum. Smart marketers know that with upwards of 3,000 members visiting the forum at just about any given time, getting their offers in front of all those eyeballs can result in some serious coin.

Many internet marketing newbies made their first sales on The Warrior Special Offers board, and have continued from that first small success to lucrative online careers. It’s a great place to test offers and get valuable feedback before releasing a product to the general public.

A Continuous Stream Of
Unadvertised Bonuses

While the sense of community at The Warrior Forum is high, that kinship and cooperative spirit in The War Room is remarkably greater. No matter what your level of experience, there is always someone of equal or greater experience to provide input or solutions to your marketing dilemmas.

But even more notable is the inclination of members to freely give products away in the War Room that they continue to charge non-members for. The continuous stream of free products greatly exceeds in value the one-time fee for a lifetime War Room membership.

Here’s a screen shot of a small selection of what members are making available at no charge in The War Room.

Don’t Take My Word For It!

I’m certain that by now it is obvious to you that I’m sold on The War Room. At a paltry $37 one-time payment, I believe it to be uncontested as the biggest bang for your buck that an internet marketer, or future internet marketer, can find.

If you're ready to change your life now
Click Here to Join the War Room

But really, you shouldn't just take my word for it. Check out what other War Room members have to say:

The War room...the best investment of my life!

My Mind Is Blown From the War Room

I am pretty sure this question has been asked before But is the war room worth the money?

Why The Warrior Forum and War Room are Priceless!

The War Room,newbie friendly?

WAR ROOM - Is it worth it?

See you on the inside!


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