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Unread 3rd Feb 2015, 02:07 AM   #1
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[Reviewers Wanted] The #1 Guide On Building Authority While Getting More Leads And Sales Guaranteed!
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Reviewers wanted for the updated version of the previously #1 guide on building authority and gaining more leads and sales through a professional network.

This ebook teaches how to instantly brand yourself as an authority in your niche through LinkedIn, the world's #1 online professional network.

I don't really have any criteria for reviewers since I am fairly new to this forum as well. I am looking for about 20 reviewers.

Please just give me an honest review of whatever you think of this ebook.

PM if interested and please post review to this thread! Thanks guys!

How to build your authority on LinkedIn and give Google all the great content it wants.

These are people that are open to being contacted - otherwise they would not be on LinkedIn. But one of the key things that I have discovered is that although they use LinkedIn, very few have a personal or business blog because they simply don't have the time to maintain one on a regular basis. Occasional article or post, suits them perfectly

These are also people that understand the power of branding themselves online, the importance of being published in a variety of mediums, and that you cannot establish a true aura of authority in business simply learning to use Twitter. Social media is great for some things... but not for establishing credibility the way you do with articles, press releases and interviews.

Since I discovered this little secret, I have used it on multiple websites, across several different verticals, and it has worked like a charm. I have original content and news on my sites, and everyone seems happy, including the search engines.

Follow the steps outlined in this eBook - and within a matter of weeks, you could have all the content you need to have a great authority blog in your niche.

What You'll Learn
Step 1: Choosing Your Niche

Step 2: Setting Up Your Website

Step 3: Creating Your Linkedin Profile

Step 4: Join Those Groups

Step 5: Participating & Connecting

Step 6: Creating Your Own Group

Step 7: Putting It All In Motion

The Final Step: Monetizing Your Sites
And Much More!

Nate Landau
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Unread 26th Feb 2015, 09:14 PM   #2
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Re: [Reviewers Wanted] The #1 Guide On Building Authority While Getting More Leads And Sales Guarant
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Hello, I would love to get a copy of your guidebook so that i can review it and send you my review ASAP.

Join 300+ SEOs at SEO republic facebook group Today!
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Unread 27th Feb 2015, 08:42 AM   #3
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Re: [Reviewers Wanted] The #1 Guide On Building Authority While Getting More Leads And Sales Guarant
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I've read this report twice, first last night when I was tired, and again this morning.Both times I've been impressed. As Nate points out: "Everyone knows that LinkedIn is a great place for business contacts," but the problem has always been establishing contact using methods that cannot be construed as spammy.

But this WSO has so much more scope than making contacts using LinkedIn. What it actually does is set out in detail an entire business plan. The report is well written and concise (no fluff) and Nate demonstrates that every word he's written has been well researched, and, even more important, actually put into practice by him. Too many WSOs are little more than a collection of specious conjecture.

As with all good, in depth business plans, in the beginning you will need to contribute the necessary work to set everything up. And this is where many who purchase it will very likely fall off the rails, because for those seeking the next shiny object where, in less than 24 hours they will see countless thousands pour into their PayPal account, WORK is a dirty four letter word.

The ultimate goal is to provide you with your own Authority Website that Google loves.

Towards this goal, Nate walks you through the process of choosing your niche, setting up the website initially, listing a wide selection of free Wordpress themes (themes offered free by premium providers such as Woo Themes, SoloStream, Gabfire, etc.) not any of the free themes likely to contain malicious code that could get you de-indexed by Google. He also lists and actually provides a number of plugins that he has used to build his own sites. Most are free, although he does also mention two premium plugins which are not absolutely necessary, but if you purchase them, will be of benefit to you.

You then need to carefully set up your LinkedIn profile and (following Nate's guidance), begin joining groups and establishing contact with members.

All in all, this is an excellent WSO. These days, my focus is mainly on writing for Kindle, but I've continued to maintain a few of my old IM sites and I've always known in the back of my mind that LinkedIn offers a huge potential to anyone prepared to take advantage of that potential ethically. Nate has convinced me that I should definitely try this out and that's exactly what I intend to do.

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Unread 27th Feb 2015, 01:23 PM   #4
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Re: [Reviewers Wanted] The #1 Guide On Building Authority While Getting More Leads And Sales Guarant
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PM sent.

Cheers. - Frank
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Unread 28th Feb 2015, 01:00 AM   #5
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Re: [Reviewers Wanted] The #1 Guide On Building Authority While Getting More Leads And Sales Guarant
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Thank you for allowing me to review your product. Here is my review:

Linked Into Content

Most Internet marketers will be aware of the clampdown by Google on auto-built websites, especially those sites filled with unreadable text that is probably spun content. In an effort to improve users experience online, then, Google demands real content. Further to that, webmasters having the ability to supply original content stand a good chance of being recognized as an authority in their field.

‘Linked Into Content’ leverages the resources of, the largest professional network online with over 300 million users, to help you build authority there and to enable you to supply Google with the kind of website content it desires.

Although is full of business professionals eager to establish themselves as experts in their field, few have a personal or business blog to help them establish there expertise. The author of Linked Into Content is aware of this anomaly, and from that he has discovered a unique way of creating a website that will demonstrate niche authority and satisfy Google’s demands for great content. The concept can be applied to any industry.

Once you have chosen your niche, this guide details a step-by-step procedure for setting up a Wordpress blog in a particular way, and includes recommended plugins and special features to enable you to attract contributors to your site. Follow the procedure and you can expect to gradually have an abundance of content to help establish your authority, the author says.

It’s necessary before setting up your profile to add some content to your blog. The author suggests in detail a particular method for producing worthwhile content to kick-start your website presence with authority in Google’s eyes.

Care is needed in setting up your profile as you are only allowed one profile and you need to ensure you focus the profile on your intended niche. Follow the author’s recommendations to avoid becoming unstuck and possibly losing your account.

This is just a brief summary of some of the aspects of Linked Into Content, a unique concept that the author outlines for others to follow and, hopefully, achieve the same success as he has on

Although the author goes into great detail in explaining his concept, the inclusion of a sample website incorporating aspects of his concept would have been very worthwhile for the reader. Having a sample website to view would reinforce the reader’s conception of how the system works, I feel.

All in all, Linked Into Content is a good concept for Internet marketers to discover, especially those wishing to maximise on their online presence.
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Unread 28th Feb 2015, 07:58 PM   #6
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Re: [Reviewers Wanted] The #1 Guide On Building Authority While Getting More Leads And Sales Guarant
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Thank you Nate for allowing me to review LinkedIn to Content.

LinkedIn to Content walks you through a unique way to both build an Authority Site as well as creating connections that can grow your business if you do everything right.

Nearly everyone knows about auto-built spun sites that do nothing to really provide any value to anyone. Rightly so, Google has cracked down on such sites. What people want & need is REAL people making REAL connections.

Now this will take some work in the beginning but it will pay off greatly in the end!

Whether you're online or off, you need a niche, vertical or industry. Now you don't need to drill down as far as you would in other niche selection processes because you can be "general" while at the same time reaching across various platforms. For example, if you want to focus on Weight Loss, you don't necessarily have to drill down to a specific demographic (i.e. women over 50 trying to stave off menopausal weight gain). You can connect to a number of people in all areas of weight loss & related niches. But you will utilize LI to determine your niche & the groups you'll connect with.

Before you establish your LinkedIn profile or edit your current one, you'll need to establish your website & create some content. Don't let this scare you! You'll learn how to easily do this & let your site drip it out over a few weeks.

Obviously you'll need at a minimum hosting & a domain. If you can do it yourself, create a logo or utilize Fiverr for one. Nate lists a number of free theme you can use if you don't have the budget for a paid theme.

You'll utilize free plug-ins which will help with the professionalism of your site as well as attracting your Content Writers.

As you join & connect with your groups, you'll establish a presence & be able to network with other members to eventually have some of them be Content Writers & Contributors to your site.. Nate walks you through how to connect without looking spammy.

You can monitize your site a number of ways.

Regardless of your level, you'll be able to get this set up & running. Nice work Nate!

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Unread 28th Mar 2015, 12:40 PM   #7
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Re: [Reviewers Wanted] The #1 Guide On Building Authority While Getting More Leads And Sales Guarant
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I wouldn't mind giving it a look, if you still need a reviewer...


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authority, building, guaranteed, guide, leads, reviewers, sales, wanted

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