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richardmadison 23rd February 2015 12:52 PM

[closed] cPanel/WHM Auto Backup - Beta testers required
We're getting ready to launch Backupazon and we need some final beta testers.

1 - You must have cpanel or whm hosting. Ideally more than 1 account, but 1 account will do.

2 - You must commit to setting up our backup service in the next 24 hours (not just signing up, but adding your account.)

3 - You must provide feedback within 72 hours of set up. We expect you to put in approximately 10 minutes on feedback and 10 minutes on a review.

4 - We're giving 1 free year of the Deluxe service ($39.95 value, 20 gb storage) for cPanel and cPanel/WHM testers.

5 - It's easy to signup to be a beta tester:

- Visit Backupazon and learn about the product. This is obviously important otherwise you won't be able to provide feedback.

- If you're still interested after visiting the website, signup (using the promo code) by clicking on the link below. Consider our signup process for ease of use, etc…

Signup Link: https://www.backupazon.com/secure/ca...cycle=annually
1 Year of Deluxe Service
Promo Code: betadeluxewf

6 - Immediately after signup, send your name, forum username and the email address you used to sign up for the account to feedback@backupazon.com. We need to have open dialog with our beta testers. We won't use your email address to spam/sell/etc... Any user that doesn't complete this step will have their account removed in 12 hours.

7 - Schedule some backups. cPanel and/or WHM backups (documentation is in our knowledgebase Knowledgebase - Backupazon in the "How To" section. This is a work in progress and we expect it to be finished in the next couple of days)

8 - Check back after your backups have completed and verify that your backups have worked. Download the backup; uncompress it; etc...

9 - If you have any technical support questions, please email them to support@backupazon.com.

10 - Send all feedback to feedback@backupazon.com. Users that don’t provide feedback in 72 hours will have their accounts suspended. (We’re not trying to be super strict here, but we’re on a tight timeline, we’re offering a year free service for feedback and we need it quickly. If you can’t provide it quickly then we can respect that but this beta testing position probably isn’t for you.)

Right now the coupon is only good for 20 beta signups. If the coupon doesn't work then all 20 beta signups have been taken. You can PM me to be added to the wait list in case we need additional beta testers.

Thanks in advance for your help,


richardmadison 3rd March 2015 10:19 AM

Re: [closed] cPanel/WHM Auto Backup - Beta testers required
Thanks guys. We have enough beta testers. Closing the offer.


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