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Joshua Uebergang 18th November 2010 07:35 PM

Affiliate Manager Needed - Uncapped Commissions!
Recruit, manage, and help affiliates earn money while you make money at the same!

You'll be paid 5% of all sales generated by affiliates you recruit. Get passive lifetime earnings. I'm offering you this because I otherwise wouldn't have those affiliates bringing in sales! You can become an affiliate and see the courses (that have proven 1-2% conversion rates) you'll be helping people promote at Login to the Tower of Power Member's Area

Your duties will involve:

- Searching Google for websites where customers are likely to be and contacting the owner. It's expected you contact a minimum of 10 sites a day.

- Build relationships with bloggers and website owners in the industry. It's ineffective to contact big players asking them to promote courses. You're to help these people and build value for them with the goal of having them promote the courses. This a long-term, yet great, way to earn as big players are the best affiliates. The investment upfront pays off later on.

- Answer questions and help affiliates get setup. Provide affiliates with direction as to how they can best earn from the affiliate program. I'll answer your questions and provide training where necessary.

You'll work independently yet close to me as we recruit and manage great affiliates. I like to think I'm a great guy so you'll enjoy working with me (I hope!) My current team members love working from home and working for my company.

For this position, you need to have:

- Experience with affiliate programs is not required, but desired
- Good copywriting skills. You need to know how to craft emails that get webmasters interested.
- Good empathy and customer service. You must be able to create and manage great relationships.
- Persistence. You must be persistent and willing to endure minimal earnings to begin with until you build a good affiliate base. Once you get a good source of affiliates, your earnings start to flow.

Please apply by PMing me and provide the following details:

1) What experience do you have managing affiliate programs?
2) Provide a sample email of how you'd try to recruit the owner of Social Anxiety Symptoms Self-Help System|* SocialAnxietySecrets.com Creativity and effectiveness will be favored.
3) What's your best tip you'll use to get affiliates?
4) Ask any questions you have about the position.

Future opportunities exist for other affiliate programs I'm currently creating. I hope to read your application!

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