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thesuperlucky 15th May 2012 12:44 PM

I need 10 People Only The Best Of The Best
I found the people I needed



anwiii 15th May 2012 02:41 PM

Re: I need 10 People Only The Best Of The Best
let me get this right. you want some of the best seo guys to work on a commission bases per lead that they give you? good luck with that.

for the guys that get get the job done, seo is a skill reserved for payments upfront or a skill that would be used for our personal sites. there is more money in it for us that way rather than partnering with someone and waiting for the leads to trickle in

you talk about the "trust factor" but i doubt anyone who will read this thread even knows who you are.

with that said, if you're willing to negotiate a more fair solution, pm me more details about who you are, your company, and the specific goals to this project and i will let you know if i am in or not.....

thesuperlucky 15th May 2012 02:52 PM

Re: I need 10 People Only The Best Of The Best
Found the people I needed



anwiii 15th May 2012 04:55 PM

Re: I need 10 People Only The Best Of The Best
well i received your pm and will be waiting to hear from you.

1: when you say the person will own the site, does it mean they will be buying the domain and creating the site to suit the kewords that are being targeted or are you just handing over domains and sites to people?

2: obviously the money is more than 100k-1 mil considering your earnings that you just made public

3: so we wont be getting paid right away for the leads we send?

4: believe me, the right people for this job will be interviewing YOU first. not the other way around i presume :)

5: i agree that this job doesn't sound like it's suitable for most people because most people want to be paid right away for the work they perform. although there ARE exceptions

6: 5 mil and you can't afford to pay for seo services outright? sounds fishy to me only because you would save more in the long run if you just hire someone for seo services considering the money you have made in the last 12 months.

this is a great way for someone to work for free with you and has been done before in startup businesses under a joint venture but there are too many things that can go wrong and is a risk on both sides. when giving away leads, the other party might now pay for them. or if the leads are worth more elsewhere, then the jv ceases to exist when the leads are sold elsewhere.

a better way to approach a partnership however would be to have a small retainer available for just the time spent. the expertise that's involved with seo would be paid after the results start coming in. this is a more fair approach for both parties. the only reason i am even mentioning this approach is because i seriously doubt you will get any takers with your approach in this thread. you might get some, but they wont be experts in seo.....and since you're limiting this to u.s. residents only, it's going to be that much more difficult.

there is no question i am an excellent candidate for seo services(and other related services). the only question is how long i have to wait to get paid for at least my time alone. for high competition keywords, they can rank high in 3 months-1 year depending on the keyword. medium competition takes 2-3 months depending on the keyword. low competition about a month. needless to say, i will not be waiting 1 year to get paid. nor will i be waiting 3 months for a couple 100 of hours worth of work i did in the first two months. people have to pay the bills. your idea works if someone is willing to work in their spare time but considering what you have already posted, it sounds full time to me.

anyway, food for thought. you might also consider posting this in the jv section of the forum because this sounds more like a jv to me than you hiring someone.

p.s.- i don't do skype with people i don't know but i DO do pm's and im's until i decide i am serious about any business dealings. my skype is limited to friends, family, and serious business dealings only.

thesuperlucky 15th May 2012 07:22 PM

Re: I need 10 People Only The Best Of The Best
Thanks for the suggestions but the JV room looks more like people that need more for some wild project they want to do. I need time in the day. Nobody is selling that.

Anyway thanks for all the heads up and send you a PM


vaservices 15th May 2012 08:10 PM

Re: I need 10 People Only The Best Of The Best
PM sent. Thanks for reviewing

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