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Unread 6th May 2013, 05:11 PM   #1
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Direct Marketing Superstar Needs Part-Time Copywriting Apprentice!
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This message could be worth $25k-$30k in the next 12-month if you're
a good copywriter...$75k-$90k if you're are a Superstar Copywriter!

Are You Like I Was?
I've been fortunate to have built a successful business in spite of my refusal
to take advantage of opportunities to become an Apprentice and work under
a successful entrepreneur...I did it the hard way...TRIAL &
about expensive...I've also wasted countless $10,000's chasing the next
bright shiny object...Did I eventually succeed...I guess...If you think that the
key to success is working 16 hours days, 7 days a week, spinning your
wheels through countless years of trial and error...Why did I struggle?

I had a very BIG Ego...If you have a BIG Ego- please STOP reading this
post now...But if you realize the power of working under a successful
entrepreneur- KEEP READING!

What would I do differently if I knew then what I know now?
If I had to do it all over again...I would find someone that has paid their
dues, made all the mistakes, and who had the valuable connections and
experience that could allow me to bypass years of hard work, trial and
error, and frustration. I would figure out how to make them so much
money in their business that they would consider me family. They
would be so comfortable with me, they would have no problem helping
me establish a lifestyle business that would allow me to live a stress
free life of abundance, so I would never have to experience the pains
and frustrations of a path chasing the next birght shiny object, buying
every course and program believing it is the "lost secret" and "missing
piece" to my success...I would become their "Ultimate" Apprentice...

Could you become the “Ultimate” Copywriting Apprentice?
If you’ve dreamed of taking your passion for copywriting and turning it
into a skill set that can not only transform lives, but also earn you a six
figure income, this might be the opportunity you’ve been looking for...

Have you studied all the great copywriters- Dan Kennedy, Gary
Halbert, Clayton Makepeace-- But you haven't started getting the big
$10k-$20k paydays for your copywriting skills? Maybe you haven't
even turned your skill into $100 or $1,000...but you know that you
are committed to becoming a high paid copywriter...and maybe you've
hand written the sales letters of all the great legends of copywriting...
If so, keep reading this whole letter!

I've got over 14 years of experience in direct response marketing,
I've worked for NY Times Best Selling Author Chet Holmes and have
been coached personally by 2-time INC 500 CEO, along with
successfully building a multi-million dollar real estate business before
the real estate downturn. I am finally taking my own advice- "Only do
what you are GREAT at, and delegate the rest" ...

Within my team I am looking for a Copywriting Apprentice to turn
loose to create emotionally compelling copy that will NOT only make
us money, but will allow us to empower people and transform lives.
In most cases we are simply taking proven copywriting and direct
response marketing campaigns from Direct Marketing Legends like
Dan Kennedy and repurposing the copy to meet our niche market -
No Re-Inventing the wheel here!

If selected you’ll have the opportunity to be mentored and coached,
while helping others succeed and transform lives!

Copywriting Tasks:
-Squeeze Pages
-Webinar Presentation Scripts
-Video Sales Letters
-Physical Sales Letters
-Order Forms
-Email copy - Follow-up Sequences
-Sales Scripts

Again in most cases, NOT all, we are simply taking successful
campaigns and repurposing them to our niche audience. Much
of my Copywriting Swipes have been written by Dan Kennedy-
These are sales letter written for private clients that are not
published in any public forums or even for sale.


- Perfect English
- Teachable and always looking to improve
- Loves helping people
- you've written at least 3-5 sales letters
- you've read the "core" copywriting materials from a few of the
greats- John Carlton, Dan Kennedy, Gary Halbert, Clayton
Makepeace, David Garfinkel, etc.
- You're self motivated and can meet deadlines

You'll get paid for your work, but I'm looking for someone who
wants to become a damn good copywriter...who writes emotionally
compelling copy...and who wants to become a superstar, while
impacting the lives of 1,000's of raving fans. If you want to get good,
this position is for you.

This Part-Time position is Performance Based and a Commission
opportunity that will enable the ideal candidate to take their
passion for copywriting and turn it into a skillset that can not only
transform lives, but also earn you a six figure income.

Cool Bonuses - I belong to some high level masterminds, and
regular attend some of the top marketing events, and as a Apprentice
you will qualify to attend these events as my guest. I also have access
to a $200k marketing, copywriting, and sales library...this might be
the largest resource of the top tools you've ever seen in your life...I
will be giving you access to some of the most expensive courses ever
produced that have produced millions for other marketers and
businesses. The value of these bonuses is PRICELESS!

What do we do?
The Path To Home Ownership Blueprint™ is the only program of
its kind to help renters overcome credit & down payment challenges
to become homeowners while they build a foundation for wealth
creation. The idea for creating The Path To Home Ownership
Blueprint™ came out of the need for middle income Americans
not just to buy a home, but to really learn the fundamentals to get
ahead financially and secure a better financial future. The Path To
Home Ownership Blueprint™ is a 5-step proprietary process that
uses a multi-pronged approach to help clients become homeowners
while simultaneously helping them develop the skills necessary for
wealth creation and helping them gain access to a team of experts
to help them in fulfilling on a successful financial plan.

Critically acclaimed as the "The Concierge System for Home
Ownership & Wealth Creation", The Path To Home Ownership
Blueprint™ is just that, because there is no other system that
combines education and expert guidance in a simple system for the
average American to get ahead financially.

We are currently based in the Chicagoland area and building the
platform to launch nationwide in the next 18-24 months.

If you think you have the goods to be the next big copywriter tell me
why you’re the best person for this apprentice opportunity and why I
should hire you in 700-1,000 words. I am accepting applications by
email only at

The deadline for applications is May 15th, 2013.

I look forward to hearing from you!
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Unread 9th May 2013, 05:23 PM   #2
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Re: Direct Marketing Superstar Needs Part-Time Copywriting Apprentice!
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Right ... and how much will it cost us to become your apprentice?
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Unread 9th May 2013, 06:10 PM   #3
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Re: Direct Marketing Superstar Needs Part-Time Copywriting Apprentice!
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I wouldn't be surprised if someone wanted to pay to become the
Copywriting Apprentice...I don't even know how much I'd charge
for something like that...

A lot of top copywriters started out as Apprentices to top
copywriters, John Carlton once wrote under Gary Halbert, and
One of my coaches, Copywriter Daniel Levis, actually was a
copywriting apprentice under Clayton Makepeace...There was
no way Clayton would let Daniel buy an opportunity to be an
Apprentice..Neither would I...

The bottom line is the best candidate gets the
pay for play here...I am looking for someone that has the skills,
and wants to become a lean, mean, direct response marketing
machine...And they will get paid for their performance...Bottom

Actually this is also a way for me to give back to someone that
is rough around the edges, and wants to uplevel their game and
confidence...The bottom line is there are a lot of starving
copywriters, that write for pennies and table scraps...They know
they do good work, but at the end of the day until they establish
a reputation writing for Big Name Marketers they never get a
shot to even compete for the Big Ticket Copywriting Projects.
I am going to select a Damn Good Copywriter, and help him
develop into a Top Gun Copywriter...In the process he will get
paid for helping my company empower people, transform lives,
and make a great deal of money in the process.
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apprentice, copywriting, direct, marketing, parttime, superstar

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