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Phillip McGough 1st July 2014 08:29 PM

Done - [Reviewers wanted] Full Time Passive Profits - 5 Copies
Got the reviews I needed, Thanks!
Hey Fellow Warriors,

I am releasing my first WSO and I would like some honest reviews.

This WSO is not only about List Building but then what to do with that list to make it grow and be profitable. It is made up of 8 Modules and contains 60+ pages.

Please have the following:
At least 30 posts.
Be able to write in proper English.
Be able to write a 150-200 words comprehensive and truthful review here and once the WSO goes live.
Be able to deliver the work in the next 24 hours.

Please reply below and I will get back with you.


ShoppingSignals 2nd July 2014 01:40 PM

Re: [Reviewers wanted] Full Time Passive Profits - 5 Copies
Hey Phillip, I'd be interested in reviewing your course. I meet all of your criteria. Let me know.

Thanks, :-)

Phillip McGough 2nd July 2014 07:57 PM

Re: [Reviewers wanted] Full Time Passive Profits - 5 Copies
I have 2 copies left! Just PM me or reply here.

koyaai 3rd July 2014 03:49 AM

Re: [Reviewers wanted] Full Time Passive Profits - 5 Copies
Would be glad to do a review for you!

meganetwo 3rd July 2014 10:06 AM

Re: [Reviewers wanted] Full Time Passive Profits - 5 Copies
would be glad to review if u have any

Wargamon 3rd July 2014 11:06 PM

Re: [Reviewers wanted] Full Time Passive Profits - 5 Copies
Any more rc? Please PM me if there is

IanM723 4th July 2014 08:42 PM

Re: Done - [Reviewers wanted] Full Time Passive Profits - 5 Copies
Phillip was kind enough to provide me with a review copy of this product.

"Full-Time Passive Income" is a very well written and extremely detailed 61 page pdf guide which teaches you exactly how to set up a successful source of passive income (which can eventually become a full-time income) via list building and email marketing. This guide is really a full business blueprint which gives you everything you need (and then some) to actually set up and create a sustainable business with email marketing that, with enough effort and focus, can produce job replacing income.

As anyone who has been involved with IM for any significant amount of time will tell you, it is vital that you build a list and then effectively market to that list. Six and seven figure marketing empires have been created with list building and email marketing and now you can get started building your own empire with this WSO. This guide is extremely detailed and gives you everything you need to get up and running with email marketing quickly. No List? No Problem – Phil lays out everything for you step by step from getting started with the right autoresponder to setting up your squeeze page so that it converts very well to getting a flurry of highly converting traffic, it is all here. This guide is really written for anyone at all, no matter what their experience level. Even newbies will be able to get this set up and running quickly so that profits will start rolling in almost immediately.

Now I have purchased more than my share of list building and email marketing WSOs and I must say that, after going through Phil’s guide, there are really 3 elements to the guide that makes it stand out from the crowd in terms of other list building and email marketing guides. First, this guide literally has every resource (most of them with clickable links right in the guide) that you could ever need to create a fully functioning and successful email marketing business. From choices in autoresponder to squeeze page platforms to traffic sources, all the resources and software you might need are fully included right in the guide. Secondly, the coverage of traffic tactics and strategies is exceptional here. Most list building guides will help you get your funnel up and running but you are often left on your own to figure out how to actually get traffic and subscribers on your list. Phil goes into great detail dedicating an entire chapter to traffic methods with both free and paid techniques covered so that you can get started with any budget. Finally, and this may actually be the best element of the entire guide, Phil goes into great detail about how to actually write emails that your subscribers will actually open and will make sales. This is not just techniques or methodology alone here, Phil actually gives you example after example of exactly what your high converting profit producing emails should look like – this alone is worth way more than what Phil is charging for this guide.

“Full Time Passive Profits” is an exceptional list building and email marketing resource and, after going through the entire product, I highly recommend it without reservation. This is one of the best guides on list building and email marketing that I have seen and this may very well be the last WSO you ever need to buy with regards to building a list and marketing to that list. If you follow the steps that Phil has laid out for you, you will make money. Pick this up today!

koyaai 8th July 2014 11:31 PM

Re: Done - [Reviewers wanted] Full Time Passive Profits - 5 Copies
Got my review copy and I will be posting my review as a person who has tried and failed creating lists.

Full-Time Passive Income is 61 pages of pure information for the knowledge hungry. Since I am one of those guys, I found the product to be an exciting read right from the start. To those who have been in the business for some time, the whole thing starts out pretty slow and you might get one or two of those "Oh! I already know that, Phil!" moments. Don't worry, there are plenty of golden nuggets scattered in every page. Reading the whole thing will take you less than a quarter of your day and you should sit down and read it through to get the flow of the method.

Another good thing is that it seems like you never get lost while reading it. I really can't put it completely into words but with the flow of the whole system and the methods presented, you can clearly see the step by step process. Start with this, then this, lastly follow this. It's that simple with Phil. No run arounds. No skip a step. Maybe because that is the whole point of Full-Time Passive Income, there are no real shortcuts in getting a full time passive income. If you want to get there, you have to work it!

Bottom line: If you want to start or improve your email marketing campaigns and/or start making your list, get this product. It really holds your hand as you start from choosing your autoresponder to creating your first emails to finding traffic. Few products do that. I highly recommend this product for newbies, people who are hitting snags with their campaigns, and even seasoned veterans who might want to improve their campaigns.


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