[Warrior TV] Hack Your Way To More Conversions with Tim Paige from LeadPages - Thursday 3rd Sep 2015

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Hey, what’s up Warriors!

I’m Tim Paige, Conversion Educator at LeadPages.

I’m pretty stoked that I’ll be hosting an Ask Me Anything here on the Warrior Forum.

The AMA is Thursday, September 3 at 7PM Eastern US time

As LeadPages’ Conversion Educator, I’m in a unique position to show you exactly what’s working in marketing, so you can get the results you want in your business.

Just in 2015 alone, I’ve hosted over 150 live trainings to share the marketing data we have available at LeadPages with folks like you.

Based on these billions of points of data, I can show you the exact tactics that make customers take action, join your email list, and purchase your products and services.

During this AMA session, I can answer any questions you have about:

Your Conversions: How to drive higher sales in your specific business (including exactly how to launch your next product for the best upfront sales).

Your Landing Pages: The highest-converting landing pages you can use to boost more sales, host your next webinar, build your email list, or even create mini-sites for your products.

Your List-Building: Exactly how to grow your email list through your blog, website, podcast, social media, your affiliate partners, and even in the offline space (when your customers are nowhere their computers).

Your Webinars: How to get more folks to both attend and buy during your webinars. (Hint: I have hosted close to 400 webinars since I started with LeadPages, so I can tell you exactly how I personally run these live trainings every week.)

Your Sales Funnel: How to drive higher conversions at each point in your sales process from the moment a new lead joins your email list until they become a customer.

I can also answer any questions about LeadPages, and about how to use it your business.

If you’re not familiar with LeadPages, we create software that takes the latest and greatest of what’s been proven in marketing and does it for you.

We have created the simplest landing page builder in the industry that allows you create (and publish) the highest-converting sales pages, opt-in pages, and webinar pages in minutes.

When you become a LeadPages member, you get unlimited access to our 100+ fully customizable landing page templates, unlimited access to our two-step opt-in boxes (known as LeadBoxes), unlimited access to our 1-click registration tool (known as LeadLinks), and even our text-to-opt-in tool, known as LeadDigits.

I’ll be talking about all this and more on the Ask Me Anything.

Once more, the AMA is Thursday, September 3 at 7PM Eastern US time. Check what time this is for you here.

I’ll see you at the AMA!

To higher conversions,
Tim Paige

Note: The event has now concluded. You can watch the replay of the event at any time here.
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    . Really good job on the site, Thanks for guide!
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    Count me in!

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  • Cool stuff Tim. Your team rocks

    Just a question which I am thinking to ask at the AMA.

    What are the Pros and Cons of having the landing page on the root domain www.URL.com compared to www.URL.com/landpingpage in terms of conversion ?

    (as the root domain becomes a statics site if it is a landing page and the blog / contents goes in www.URL.com/blog because SEO usually points to main domain name as priority)
    Hi there, I am Alexander SkyHeart, pleasure to meet you.
    Do feel free to comment and I'll be thankfully delighted to chat with you on the forum threads. Cheers!
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      Originally Posted by AlexanderSkyHeart View Post

      Cool stuff Tim. Your team rocks

      Just a question which I am thinking to ask at the AMA.

      What are the Pros and Cons of having the landing page on the root domain url.com: Search lyrics compared to www.URL.com/landpingpage in terms of conversion ?

      (as the root domain becomes a statics site if it is a landing page and the blog / contents goes in www.URL.com/blog because SEO usually points to main domain name as priority)

      It's best to have it on the main domain.

      PROS: It's easier access for the consumer to access the page and enter their email or whatever you're trying to get them to do.

      CON: Depending on what type of blog or network you are trying to build with your website, if it's a multi-content type of blog / network, it's best to have it on a separate page but have links and banners targeting that url.

      If it's a one product blog, the main page is best because people know what they are coming to see and they know what to do.
      MyAffiliateReview.com - Real Reviews from Real Affiliates - Sign-up and tell us your experience!
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    Syracuse Rocks!!!!!
    My wife was born and raised in watertown and we love hanging around Syracuse when we roll in to town.

    Can't wait for some training.
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      Hello, Tim,

      looking forward to your WAMA!

      I recently heard Frank Kern is having incredible conversion rates using behavioral marketing with plusthis.com (works together with Infusionsoft) with video tracking and personalized dates used in countdowns (their Smart Links feature).

      Does Leadpages offer similar possibilities or if not could you please tell us how else we could achieve such high conversions?

      Kind regards from warm Colombia, South America,
      Failing forward fast
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    Interesting title too :-)
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      Hi Tim,

      First off, I'm a subscriber at LeadPages and love what you and Clay have built. Second, I'm also a student of Jeff Walker's trying to take some business projects to the next level.

      For one of these projects I have access to a list created by my JV partner (although I'm not sure how long that partnership is going to continue).

      I want to build my OWN list and have started to do so using an ethical bribe with Leadpages and an autoresponder series.

      Now I'm about to drive traffic to the bribe and wanted to know what you think are the most effective ways to do that. BUT I'm really looking for more creative ideas than just "run FB ads" or "partner with someone who has a list" - are there any really creative and effective means that you've come across that you can share with us?


      Mike Mintz
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    We're really excited to be hosting this event with Tim Paige. If you haven't seen his podcast, it's called ConversionCast - it'll rock your world.

    We've got this Warrior TV... But what could make it even better? A special offer on LeadPages.

    That's why for the next 2 weeks, you can get over $1,800 in bonuses from LeadPages! This is valid for new AND existing customers. Check out the deal here:

    The deal has now expired.

    Thanks to the team at LeadPages for putting together this exclusive offer!
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      Thank you, that's a nice thing to know. I I feel better to be surrounded by nice and knowledgeable online people. I feel the piece of our success are here and must listen to their tips and strategies.. You guys are awesome..
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    Looking Forward to it : )


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    thank you

    คาสิโนออนไลน์*ในรูปแบบใหม่ล่าสุดจาก ปอยเปต คาสิโน รีสอร์ท ได้ที่นี่ royal1688
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    Hi, tried to join this webinar, but all links didn't work, I guess I am a stupid guy or it was late ( 1 am night in Hamburg /Ger )
    can someone give me an advice, so I would know it for the future? (warrior tv)

    many thanks in advance
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  • Profile picture of the author danieljb
    Thanks all for tuning in for this special event. This was our first event with a live audience!

    The event is now available in the War Room here.

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  • Hi, I don't know where to post the question, but its very hot for me and I need to move forward with it.

    I want to give a free book to my visitors, and want them to download it from the internet so I would not need to send the ebook by email How does it work, technically.
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