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Coach Comeback 8th October 2014 04:00 PM

make 4 figures or I eat my sock eeeeeew
“SECRET VIDEO REVEALS: Shortcut To Long-Term, INSTANT Online Wealth to the tune of $33,958 in less than 30 days WITHOUT knowing a thing about marketing and being a complete nobody

................. you can do this


This is Private Coaching

You must watch the entire presentation to be considered

I MUST limit the number of people in order to give all the personal attention to each member

ADD ME ON SKYPE IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS: SKYPE ID - here.to.inspire Click Here To add

($33,958 in 3 weeks Proof!)


Anyone looking for a cheap little $7 wso

Anyone looking for a quick little overnight gimmick or loophole to make a quick buck

There are plenty of those back on the WSO threads you can choose from.

This if for the select few who are tired of buying wso after wso only to feel left like they need to buy another wso.

This if for someone who is looking for a change.... a chance to alter their business and take the road less traveled to financial freedom for good.

Any questions you can email me directly at thisstuffreallyworks1.0(at)gmail.com

Or for even faster response, add me on skype. My skype id: here.to.inspire

Here's to making life-lasting change to everyone I meet


P. James Holland
Coach Comeback


WARNING: Result ARE typical!


Originally Posted by southpaw (Post 8728118)
My feedback...

... I built up a small list list and simply pulled the trigger... resulting in just shy of $8k in sales (real estate investing niche). Not bad for the first go of it, IMO.

The model that James shares flat-out works extremely well... IF you'll take action and follow the plan. After that, you can add your own flavor and tweaks.

James is a straight shooter and I highly recommend this WSO!



Originally Posted by Wizardofwisdom (Post 8938273)
I signed up for this. (That’s to say I’m a fully paid up member of this training program)

Here’s my review.

For the first time EVER in trying to make it online I feel I have a business, a plan and a direction.

I was, I confess, a little doubtful before I joined because I’ve got a hard drive full of WSO’s and I’ve been a product creator for years.

How to market and get more than a handful of sales was my issue, and I wasn’t sure, (in my own mind), if I was going to hand over money to learn more of what I already (thought I) knew.

Boy, this was the BEST investment in my future I’ve ever made, bar none.


Instead of fumbling around in the dark, I now know how to find a market, how to approach that market, how to know what that market wants and how to make them offers they’d be silly to refuse. I also know how to find people who will willingly sell it for me ... and I now have a real, actual BUYERS List - which appeared in a matter of days!

What’s more, I know I can do it again. And better next time. I feel like I’ve finally been shown how to fish … not just thrown a fish.

Coach Comeback is tenacious and will NEVER give up on you. This isn’t just some series of videos you can watch and forget. This is real, I-won’t-stop-till-you-make-it mentoring.

This is how people are supposed to be when they say they’ll help you.

I don’t know what this costs now, but whatever it is, stick another zero or two on the end of the figure and it will still be worth the price.


Originally Posted by heavyjay (Post 8624365)
There isn't much I can say that hasn't been said in previous posts. Coach IS one of the good guys. His intention is to actually help people rather than keep them busy and broke with shiny objects.


Originally Posted by Coach Comeback (Post 8569948)
I say... call my bluff :)

Take the course while keeping one finger hovering over the refund mouse click. And if after going through each module you dont immediately rush back here excited to get started and motivated by the possibilities and are absolutely COMPELLED to leave a review . . .. then I will eat my own dirty sock!


yes... I really did just quote myself on my own sales page


Originally Posted by DJX71 (Post 8941077)
I had the opportunity to get coached by James recently, and it has been an absolute life-changer for me. By the way, I do NOT throw THOSE words around lightly!

Unlike the previous poster, I was not / had never been (and never planned to be!) a ‘product creator’. I was fine being an affiliate for someone else, but otherwise? The whole process just seemed too daunting and out of reach to me.

I just couldn't ‘identify’ with it at all -- it was definitely for ‘other people’ and also just didn't seem worth the trouble. James definitely had his work cut out for him here, or so it would seem…

To his credit, he not only changed my mindset about how easy product creation can be (apparently there are MANY different ways to skin a cat AND to create products! Hmmm), but first showed me that it is MORE than worth it to create your own! In fact, I now see it as more viable than almost anything I've done before…EVER!

Under his direction and with his close help (I needed more hand-holding than most, probably), we put a product together and launched it here on this Forum. There are many MANY other places to sell, but this is what we chose first, and it became the coveted ‘WSO of the Day’ almost overnight!

Naturally there are no guarantees of that, but it goes to show…and strongly PROVE without a doubt…that his process works. He knows how to pick what will sell, how to put it together into a sell-able package, and then how to let the rubber meet the road and actually SELL it!!

It worked for me, and will continue to do so for as long as I follow what he taught me (and why – WHY – would I ever stop?). I, also, have been ‘taught to fish’.

There’s a phrase in life that is often over-used, but that I feel is more appropriate in this instance than any other I've come across: “If I can do it, then you most CERTAINLY can!!”

Thank you for everything, James -- this has been quite a ride! ;)



Originally Posted by natas105 (Post 9449953)
I'm one of James' apprentices and it IS as good as it gets, which is pretty AWESOME.

What to expect from James:
- Answers to your questions
- Sticks of dynamite to blow up your roadblocks
- A solid strategy
- An action plan
- Guidance
- Friendly butt kicks
- Pep talks
- Resources
- Platforms
- Attention
- A great Hangout

For the record: James has no idea I'm writing this nor did he ask me to.

It's true, It's as personal as it gets. James will personally assist you and he is one of the few marketers that is actually easy accessible. He truly cares and he always finds a way to inspire and motivate you.

I like working with James, because he knows his stuff. I haven't seen anyone asking him a question he didn't know the answer to.

In short: If you want to move forward instead of doing the moonwalk.....James is your guy!


Originally Posted by off99555 (Post 8895896)
At first I thought he lied about coaching people on skype for many hours freely on the sales letter. But I was very wrong. Even I didn't bought his course yet, he gave me a free call from skype providing me lots of advice on product creation and mindset.

At least if I can't make money with this method then I already have a reliable coach who take care of other people.


Originally Posted by dogstar (Post 8624509)
I can't say enough about how valuable Coach is to the Warrior Forum and the IM community at large...this WSO is worth more than 10 times what it costs plus his insights into the foundations of success through personal development are incredibly valuable...he is one of true good guys...and yes, by the way, I purchased this WSO and place it in the top 3 of WSOs I've ever bought...practical, insightful and above all real world!


Originally Posted by DevEdge (Post 8630404)
This Stuff Works!

I set my first project up but FAILED to do one crucial thing - test my setup. Which meant I had a big technical problem...

But I still made $465 (3 sales) within one hour. My EPC was $5.96

Now going to automate this and plug in some paid traffic and hopefully next time I won't have the technical problem which will mean better conversions.


Originally Posted by borama05 (Post 8623497)
Coachcomeback is truly one of the good guys. I purchased his course and I can genuinely say I have learned so much from him. I know he says he is a nobody but his course is truly packed with so much knowledge. But the best part about him is how he gives his time, he actually chatted with me on Skype for a good 30 min not to mention all the emails on questions I had. Thank you for much Coach, keep up the great work and I look forward to anything else you offer in the future. You are one of the good guys there.


Originally Posted by EasySt (Post 8625621)
Coach is one of the best guys I've come across on the forum!

This WSO is one of the best I've bought, and I can assure you, I've purchased many.

His support is top notch, and Coach is willing to go above and beyond to help you succeed.

Trust me, this stuff is great, coach is great, and it'll all work out!


Originally Posted by AskMsD (Post 8627836)
Coach Comeback,

This guy is the real deal, we have connected and he has help me with my business and even with life really, his caring heart is unmeasurable and his self help training which he shares freely. He has given step by step instruction on how to obtain large amount of cash in a short period of time, and he is there to assist you along your journey. There are very few people online that I can personally speak about in a positive manner.

This guy is in rare air, I even got on him on this very thread about his low volume talking on his video's but he still assisted me and I believe he genuinely cares for people. So whatever he does I am behind him 100+%. You continue Coach.


Originally Posted by Tinkan (Post 8580640)
[B][U]With all the different courses that I've purchased, I've never seen someone step in front of their product to help others succeed the way that you do. It's mostly just people that get others to join their half @$$ program, then send their mailing list, promo after promo. But if you try to reach that person on a personal level for help, you're lucky to get a half @$$ response from them. I've read several ebook on 'how to connect with your mailing list on a personal level', and stuff along those lines. But I couldn't really put together how to do that, because I've never seen it in action. But you definitely achieve that, I assume just by you being, you. And that's extremely inspiring. Even when you aren't trying to teach me something, I seem to be learning something new.


Originally Posted by tvon (Post 9486214)
Just got off a call with Coach Comeback and I definitely look forward to working with him in the future. I can tell from the hour we spent on a Skype call that Coach Comeback genuinely wants to see people reach their full potential and become successful. He asks you questions that really get you to think about where you're and where you want to be. I've gotten crazy value out of our Skype call and I got some advice that will literally double my income instantly.

It doesn't matter if you're a newbie, intermediate marketer, or advanced marketer, Coach Comeback will give you advice that will help you get your business up and running or take it to the next level. Whether you decide to enroll in his coaching or not, you will definitely get some tremendous value out of speaking to him about your goals, and how you can achieve them.


Originally Posted by themikerogers (Post 9449707)
I'm so getting in on this.

I watched the video and it, in of itself, has a lot of good things in it. I sincerely hope that Coach accepts me in this mentorship program as I think it will benefit him as much as it will benefit me.

I, for one, have never met anyone (Coach that is) that inspires me to be better than I am. I know that his further mentorship of me will be beneficial and I wish to continue my relationship with him.

Something in his video reminds me of what Thomas Edison once said about inventing the lightbulb-

“I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.”
Thomas A. Edison


Originally Posted by Wizardofwisdom (Post 9455677)
I have been fortunate enough to be coached by James. Within 3 weeks I went from struggling to my first $1k payday online.

I have had several more since - and just last week I made $1,700 in a single afternoon from a Google Hangout by simply applying what James taught me.

The biggest lesson for me? James taught me to value myself and my work and to find the courage to take my true value to market.

Without him, I'd be back in the day job. (Which I hated).

He is my friend and mentor - I assure you he will bring out the absolute best in you.

And in case you're wondering, James doesn't even know I'm writing this.


Originally Posted by asaolo (Post 9460945)
Talking with James is amazing. He's is very genuine, talking with him is more like talking to a very good friend, it is not an all logical back and forth but a very authentic NO BS conversation. His outpouring of value is just mindblowing. I can't stop taking notes when talking to him. I always thought I am smart and I already know everything.. but James gave me some advice that I never heard before.. this is very rare these days.
James, I hope there will be more people like you in the future.


Originally Posted by Justin Finkelstein (Post 8956759)
James is an Original.

I had my hour long consultation with him on Thursday.

First of all. He creates a comfortable environment and then we spent the next hour planning a specific project where I can earn $2,000 in the next 30 days. Now, we are off to the races. Here is an audio recorded after my first meeting with Coach Comeback -



Originally Posted by MeTellYou (Post 9452245)
James is SOME guy, I tell you. For example: when I tried calling him today on skype, he said this:

HOLD ON. Let me take my clothes off!

True story.

Why am I saying this?

Because with James you get the complete package:

- results.

- fun.

- and sense of humor.

Awesome guy!

GET IN ON THIS! You'll love it.


:D... well... I guess the secret is out!

If we are going to work together.. you'd better get used to my sense of humor and having a good time.

I should have put that in the requirements... A SENSE OF HUMOR IS A MUST!

No pessimists. No grumpy guses. No "realists".

We like to whistle while we work around here :cool:

Click here to watch the video

Coach Comeback 8th October 2014 11:19 PM

Re: 6 Figure Marketer Bare's All - NOT WHAT YOUR THINKING
Reserved for FAQ

MeTellYou 9th October 2014 09:54 AM

Re: 6 Figure Marketer Bare's All - NOT WHAT YOUR THINKING

In case anyone is wondering. This guy is responsible for my first $2,000 day and $5,000 week.

Yes. That's THOUSAND.

Get on this people!


Salashwal 10th October 2014 07:22 AM

Re: 6 Figure Marketer Bare's All - NOT WHAT YOUR THINKING
your secret video page has a 404

Coach Comeback 10th October 2014 08:15 AM

Re: 6 Figure Marketer Bare's All - NOT WHAT YOUR THINKING

Originally Posted by Salashwal (Post 9585941)
your secret video page has a 404

Thanks for the heads up. Fixed now. :smilies_confused:

pauljones99 12th October 2014 04:47 AM

Re: 6 Figure Marketer Bare's All - NOT WHAT YOUR THINKING
Ok just a little confused here. I am looking for someone to teach me how to advertise with FB. Is that what you offer? Are your customers selling their own products? Affiliate offers? I am not interested in any of that.

pauljones99 12th October 2014 04:48 AM

Re: 6 Figure Marketer Bare's All - NOT WHAT YOUR THINKING

Originally Posted by MeTellYou (Post 9583899)

In case anyone is wondering. This guy is responsible for my first $2,000 day and $5,000 week.

Yes. That's THOUSAND.

Get on this people!


That's all great but selling what exactly?

Coach Comeback 14th October 2014 07:51 AM

Re: 6 Figure Marketer Bare's All - NOT WHAT YOUR THINKING

Originally Posted by pauljones99 (Post 9589562)
Ok just a little confused here. I am looking for someone to teach me how to advertise with FB. Is that what you offer? Are your customers selling their own products? Affiliate offers? I am not interested in any of that.

Hi Paul. All the details are covered at great lengths during the informational video above and also found here http://coachlikes.com/secretvideo

Or you can click the BUY NOW button since it is free and everything will be explain to you

But this has nothing to do with Facebook advertising unfortunately.

medIce 2nd November 2014 10:20 AM

Re: (F R E E ) make 4 figures or I eat my sock eeeeeew
Im confused. What part of this was free. Only the video? And product cost $997. So this is not free like your topic says. Very misleading topic.

Coach Comeback 6th November 2014 08:38 PM

Re: make 4 figures or I eat my sock eeeeeew
The video is very informative. The tips I give alone could/should change your entire business.

Good luck to you

medIce 7th November 2014 04:58 AM

Re: make 4 figures or I eat my sock eeeeeew

Originally Posted by Coach Comeback (Post 9651357)
The video is very informative. The tips I give alone could/should change your entire business.

Good luck to you

Maybe for people who has already been in IM, not for newbies like. For me video looked like this. "but hey its not over... theres more..." etc. I dont want to be rude just saying how it looked to me.

bizlinkx 11th November 2014 01:12 PM

Re: make 4 figures or I eat my sock eeeeeew
How is this free??? I added myself to your list only to be taken to a page full of sales material. Is this a bait and switch deal? When I sign up for something that is free, I don't want to see a one time offer or sales page on the next page?

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